The Top 5 Online Dating Tips

Online dating is a great way to meet new people.

There are many benefits but finding success in the online dating world can be challenging if you’re not sure of how to go about.

To help you out and increase your chances of success we have put together this list of the top 5 online dating tip:

Tip #1: Make the Right Visual First Impression

Whether or not it is right or wrong to judge a book by its cover is irrelevant. The truth is that the first thing people will look at on your profile is your photo.

You certainly don’t have to have model good looks to attract potential daters with this photo. But you should put in a bit of effort to make it look good. Make sure you are well groomed for the shot and take plenty of shots and choose the best one.

Don’t go over the top though – you want to look natural so put away that tuxedo or ball gown!Online Dating Tips

Also you should be changing your image every so often (once a month or so). Your impression of what’s your best photo may be different to that of other people so testing different ones out is a great idea.

By all means don’t use fake photos. The idea is to meet in person at some point and using fakes is going to be tough to explain when you meet.

Tip #2: Don’t Jump to Conclusions over a Profile or Online Interactions

As well as tip#1 this is one of the most important online dating tips.

So his/her profile seemed to fit you perfectly – and you are getting on brilliantly in text. That’s great, but temper your excitement a bit until you meet them in person.

How you get on when you are actually sitting across a table from this person might be completely different. And this isn’t just about physical attraction – though that’s an important part of any relationship.

You can only get so much from a text conversation and you’ll never know the in person chemistry until you are in person.

Online Dating TipsTip #3: Find the right Site

If you are already signed up with a dating site you aren’t stuck with that site. Don’t be afraid to change sites. Sign up is usually quick and easy and you may not currently be in the best place for you.

The site you are on may not be the most popular in your area in which case you may be limiting the numbers. You might be on a site that’s all about “adult stuff” but you are looking for a relationship.

Whether you are looking for “the one”, something casual, or you just want to get your feet wet in online dating will depend on which site you go with. Do some research and pick the best site. Also whether or not you are willing to pay for the membership will influence your choice.

And your situation may change along the way so be flexible. If you were just looking for something casual when you first signed up but now want something more serious it may be time to change sites.

Of course you can be a member of more than one site too.

Tip #4: Pick the Right Time to Go Offline

And that right time is sooner rather than later. You can use an intermediary step and see if there is any phone chemistry or go straight to meeting in person.

Online Dating TipsJust don’t stay online too long. Any kind of positive tension built up will quickly slacken if things aren’t moving forward steadily.

And in this day and age both men and women can instigate the real life date. If you think you are talking to someone that has potential, meet them in person as soon as possible to see if that chemistry carries over and so you don’t lose what you’ve already built up.

Tip #5: Have Fun and Be Yourself

Relax. Have fun with it and let your real personality be on display – as much as you can through an online setting. Be honest in your profile and your interactions and let you show through. It will put less pressure on your real life dates if you haven’t created some alter ego that just isn’t you.

Online dating offers many benefits and opportunities. Hopefully the online dating tips have put you in a better position to achieve more success from your dating.

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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