An Exclusive Interview With Tygeria Drayton

Tygeria is a beautiful model with an amazing ability to change her physical appearance. She is a loving mother and a charismatic lady.

However, maybe the most interesting thing about Tygeria is her strong will and hardworking personality that helped her make her dreams come true despite many obstacles and hardships she has endured.

BWP:  You have such a unique name, whats the origin and the meaning behind it?

Tygeria: My mom wanted to name me Tyger and my dad wasn’t having it, so she put an i-a on the end of it and that’s how my name was born; she says it means air of the tiger, we will go with that :).

BWP: How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

Tygeria: Loved, Blessed, Dreamer, Passionate, Happy

BWP: You started modeling at the age of 22, after you gave birth to your son, which is unusual since girls nowadays start modeling at age 18 (or younger). Did that make you nervous? How did you decide to go for it?

Tygeria: When I had my son things really got into perspective for me, I did not have what I dreamed to be the way I would have a kid and I have lived a very self-less life even before I had my son. After having him I realized I needed to do everything to show my kid that dreams can come true with hard work and show him that sometimes in pain there is a rainbow after the storm. I am doing this for him and for me because I feel confident and beautiful and like I can do anything if I work my butt off for it. I am not nervous to fail because I never thought I would get this far.

After having my son I realized I needed to do everything to show my kid that dreams can come true.

BWP: How did you feel when you realized you made it as a model?Tygeria Drayton Interview

Tygeria: It was my first magazine. I went to a store and bought it, which made me feel wow I actually did something I never thought possible. I am so happy to have been blessed and I thank God for letting me have something to look back on my life when I’m old and be proud of.

BWP: How much does your ability to change your look help your career?

Tygeria: It helps so much because so many women can’t do that and change it up and look white or black or Mexican so its kinda cool to be anything I want to be, and be in different types of magazines.

BWP: If you had to choose to be a singer or be an actress what would you choose?

Tygeria: I would be an actress over a singer.

BWP: What are you most proud of?

Tygeria: My son. Having him when I could of given him up for adoption or got an abortion, but having him makes me proud, best decision ever.

BWP: You are a religious person how does faith help you get through the painful and difficult moments in life?

Tygeria: I would say for me God has always been my rock because I have been through a lot of pain in my short life and when I got older I realized everything had a purpose and a reasoning and life is a very powerful message to us all, not just me. I began to think of life differently and struggles and pain and think about positives about the situation. When I changed my mind, my life became happy.

When it comes to dreams we have to try because win or fail you will have tried and can say I gave it my all, rather than just give up.

BWP:  Your life, your character, struggles and success story is inspirational to other women that are trying to find their place under the Sun. What would you say to all women out there that are struggling right now?  

Tygeria: I would say this: I struggle with having a kid and modeling at 25 and I have a thing called PTSD. I got it from some stuff that happened in my past, I would rather not go into, but everyday is a struggle for someone and we aren’t alone and if you are going through major struggles seek help or call a hotline. When it comes to modeling its  a very hard career and the only way I can do it full time is because it is my only option to make it. When it comes to dreams we have to try because win or fail you will have tried and can say I gave it my all, rather than just give up. All I know is, if I can do it I know many others can because there was a time I didn’t believe in myself or think I was gorgeous or smart  enough to accomplish anything; and as I began to accomplish one goal at a time, it really felt good and made me believe that I can do it.

BWP: What are your beauty secrets?

Tygeria: So many – teeth baking soda or banana peel or coconut oil – tummy wraps – gross elbows salt scrub and honey, ice pack puffy eyes…

BWP: Is beauty a curse or a blessing?

Tygeria: Both… Curse because I meet more men who see me in a sexual light and not as something serious and women hate us for no reason, and normal things become bothersome with people hitting on you and some situation can be dangerous.

I had a man follow me around in a store and someone warned me and he left no groceries or nothing, so why was the man there to get me? I don’t know; but it’s a blessing because if you enjoy attention you get and if someone likes you, you can get far.

BWP: Most beautiful woman in the world?Tygeria Drayton Interview

Tygeria: Mother Theresa is a beautiful person, who showed the ultimate selfless love to dying and sick people and the poor, but physical beauty so many: Angelina Jolie, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, etc.

BWP: What outfit do you feel most comfortable in?

Tygeria: Lingerie.

BWP: You have your own radio show. what do you like most about your show?

Tygeria: Being in charge and making a script.

BWP: Do you think political correctness is important or irrelevant?

Tygeria: I think it is important, because so many people get angry over nothing. If you are christian they say that’s dumb and if you say: “love your curves” they say: “love your bones”, but you have to think about everyone’s feelings and think what would be the best way to approach your feelings or shy away from writing.

Tygeria Drayton InterviewBWP: Whats the nicest thing someone ever done for you?

Tygeria: Give me a Marilyn Monroe poster on our first date.

BWP: Did you have any awkward moments with your fans?

Tygeria: Yes, too many to count. The worst was being sad and having the cops come to my house thinking I was really sad. I love my fans, but you have to be careful.

BWP: What were your childhood dreams?

Tygeria: To be Marilyn Monroe like, a famous actress, and to be a superhero like Sailor moon.

BWP: What is your life motto?

Everything happens for a reason, and You can be the juiciest peach in the world and there will still be someone who doesn’t like peaches.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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