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Birth Name: Virna Pieralisi

Date of Birth: Novembre 8, 1936

Place of Birth: Rome, Italia

Nationality: Italian

Occupation: Actress

Height: 5 ft 5 in; 1.65m

Measurements: 34-24-35(in); 86.3-61-89(cm)

Lisi in one sentence: Virna is one of the most beautiful blondes in world of cinematography.


When I realized that I was not just a doll, it was the beginning of the happiest period of my career , I really learned to enjoy.

If you pretend, sooner or later, they'll discover.

Interesting Facts:

  • Virna started her acting career when she was a teenager, at the age of 16.
  • She has a brother who is an actor as well.
  • She was discovered by Antonio Ferrigno and Ettore Pesce in Paris.
  • Her debut was the film La corda d'acciaio (The line of steel, 1953).
  • Lisi has done a number of films and she appeared in many commercials and television dramas that were widely popular throughout Italy.
  • American producers considered her a new Merilyn Monroe. In Italy, she was called “Marylin Italiana”.
  • Her last film was Il più bel giorno della mia vita.
  • There is a Brazilian rock band named after her.
  • Argentinian band Sumo made a song in her honor in 1980.
  • This blonde beauty has rich filmography. She played in a number of films and television shows includiong: The Steel Rope, The Bachelor, The Woman of the Day, World of Miracles, Romolo e Remo, La Tulipe noire, How to Murder Your Wife, The Dolls, Casanova 70, Not with My Wife, You Don't! , The Girl and the General, The Christmas Tree, The Statue, White Fang, La Reine Margot, Cenerentola, Una tragedia americana, Deserto di fuoco...
  • Virna has a son.

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