Vivian Hsu – One of The Most Beautiful Taiwanese Women in Showbiz

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Birth name: Hsu Su-chuan

Date of Birth: March 19, 1975

Place of Birth: Taichung, Taiwan, China

Nationality: Taiwanese

Occupation: Singer, actress, model, television host

Height: 5 ft 3 in; 1.61 m

Measurements: 33-22.5-33 (in); 85-58-85 (cm)

Hsu in one sentence – Vivian is a stunning Asian girl with a beautiful face and many talents.


Japan is my second home. I love Japanese people and their culture.

Acting is like singing with your whole body. 

Interesting Facts: 

Vivian Hsu was only 15 years old when she competed in the beauty pageant/contest “Talented Beautiful Girl” and was chosen as the most talented and beautiful girl. Despite the fact that she won the contest that was broadcasted on the television she continued to work as a food delivery girl on her bicycle for few more months.

Hsu is one of the most famous female celebrities in the East Asia, especially in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan where she has a very successful singing and acting career.

She started her music career as a member of the music trio named “Girls’ Team”.

During the period between 1992 and 1996 Hsu worked mainly as a model and she appeared in many men’s magazines.

Hsu was the member of the Japanese dance group Black Biscuits (she was the group’s main vocalist).

This gorgeous Taiwanese girl released her first music album in 1996 and from that point on she became one of the mainstream female singers in Taiwan and other parts of the East Asia.

She is fluent in Japanese where she worked as the television host and is a regular guest on the Japanese talk shows.

Hsu starred in a number of films and television series, some of which were the major hits in Taiwan and Japan.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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