What Makes a Woman Really Beautiful?

While there are many criteria that are considered to mark the standards of beauty, these are ever-changing and vary from culture to culture and era to era.

Throughout time and across different societies, idealized notions of beauty are often motivated by changing fads more than biological requirements.

However, there are some very simple aspects of authentic beauty that unequivocally make a woman really beautiful – these rather unchanging criteria mark a type of beauty that is not only skin deep, but transcends time and locality. Here are 5 of them:

1.Her smile

A woman’s smile is the key to enjoying her happiness.

It is her expression of joy and pleasure in her life.

Whether she is smiling for her own reasons, or because of something you’ve done for her, a woman’s smile will light up her face and reveal the simplest expression of beauty that she can offer.

Her beauty will be highlighted by this small gesture and if you want to see her truest beauty, find something that will make her smile.


Laughter, which is different from a simple smile, shows off the beauty of her personality.

Laughter shows off who we are in the way we express joy and humor.

The things she laughs at and her ability to be light-hearted are all in play here.

If you can make her laugh, not only will her smile light up her face, but you’ll get to see a bit more insight into who she is, and the beauty that shines in her eyes when she is enjoying a good laugh!


Regardless of her outwards appearance, how a woman carries herself in her body is much more important.

Woman smiling - What Makes a Woman Really BeautifulWomen come in all shapes, sizes, shadows and shades.

It is the way they work with what they’re got that makes a woman truly beautiful.

The proof of this is how beauty standards change so much throughout time that no one shape or form is truly superior.

But when her confidence shines through and she loves and respects herself, you will see the beauty of this self-love illuminate her.


Nobody’s perfect. We are all humans with our faults and flaws and part of enjoying the companionship of another human being involves accepting their faults and loving them for who they are.

Over time these imperfections can be things that you truly love about a person and that mark their unique beauty; what makes them human and accessible.

Sure, in fantasies people have no imperfections and that’s all fine and well for daydreaming.

But when you’re interested in seeing the beauty in a real woman, look for her imperfections and how she handles them.

They will shine her uniqueness and show you who she really is, and how she is beautiful not only in spite of them, but thanks to them.


Humbleness is perhaps an overlooked or understated quality because of its very nature.

It may also seem contrary to confidence, but they actually do go hand in hand.Jessica Alba - Woman smiling - What Makes a Woman Really Beautiful

Confidence in knowing one’s own value and caring for ourselves does not come at the expense of caring for others and knowing one’s place in the world.

While most women are far too humble, it is entirely possible to be humble by not overstepping boundaries, always being honest about one’s place and not overdoing it with the confidence so as to make people uncomfortable or seem conceited and self-centered.

Putting oneself first is always in balance with clear and honest communication and keeping healthy attitudes of gratitude towards life.

When you meet someone who has the right dose of humbleness, you will no doubt see grace and beauty in them.

These qualities are among the most obvious, but you can think of many more aspects beyond the surface that make a woman truly beautiful. What’s your favourite?

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