Winter Beauties

Winter is a time of cold and gloomy weather. People are hiding in their worm coats, protect their face with scarves…trees are leafless…everything seems so lean…BUT!

Don’t let the snow and cold distract you to notice beautiful ladies around you.

This time of year makes their cheeks ruddy and their eyes sparkling. Their hands might be cold however you may be the one to warm them up!

Their long hair is flapping on the wind full of snowflakes. Their coats are long and elegant…

This outfit makes them look like real princesses!

Look around you, maybe there is a winter princess that is waiting for you. In the meantime take a look at winter beauties bellow and let them change your perception about winter.

Here are some places where it is certain to find some “ice” queens:

Icelandic Women

Russian Women

Norwegian Women

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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