Yara Khoury Mikhael

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Birth Name: Yara Khoury-Mikhael

Date of Birth: November 6 , 1992

Place of Birth: Lebanon

Nationality: Lebanese

Occupation: Model

Height: 5 ft 7in; 1.78m

Khoury Mikhael in one sentence: Yara is a strong and beautiful woman who loves her country and is very devoted to represent it the best way possible.


I am very grateful for everything I have been given.

I am interested in cinematography.

When you finally forgive yourself, when you believe and cherish your inner strength you will be set free. Sending positive vibes and love to all of you.

May your good deeds be accepted, your transgressions forgiven and may the suffering around the world be eased.

My country is the cedar’s land, Lebanon. It has amazing historical and touristic venues from the capital Beirut to Byblos my hometown, Baalbeck, and Tyr.

The most important qualities every beauty queen should have are simplicity, classy appearance and to be down earth.

I am an optimistic individual, I believe in positive outcome.

I surround myself with kind, simple, positive and driven people.

In competitions like Miss Universe and Miss World you don’t focus on winning that much, it is more important to leave a good impression on other candidates, the judges and the organizers.

I have an obsession with food and fashion:-)

Education is the only thing we can never lose.

When I have free time I enjoy a nice workout at the gym and facials at the spa.

Interesting Facts:

Yara was crowned Miss Lebanon 2011.

She was ranked the top 3 in Miss Universe competition.

She graduated from the Grand Lycee Franco Libanais in 2010.

This beautiful Lebanese woman studied theater at Tres Tot Theatre for 6 years.

Yara is fluent in Arabic, French, Spanish and English.

This beauty cooperated with ‘Jeunesse Anti-Drogue’ to raise awareness against drugs in universities all around Lebanon.

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