Yelena Ilnitskaya – Gorgeous Russian Model

Yelena Ilnitskaya Gallery
Birth Name: Yelena Ilnitskaya

Place of Birth: Ukraine

Nationality: Russian

Occupation: Model, Economist

Height: 5 ft 9 in; 1.75 m

Measurements: 34C-24-36 (in); 86-61-91.5 (cm)

Ilnitskaya in one sentence – Yelena is a stunning Russian model with beautiful blue eyes and perfect body.


For everything you don’t like about yourself, come up with something you do like.

Modeling is about illusion. It’s a fantasy world where models play various roles. By featuring extreme looks, magazines show women how to have fun with makeup and clothes, to inspire them to experiment – just like we did when we were little girls.

Positive thinking brings inner peace, success, improved relationships, better health, happiness and satisfaction.

Interesting Facts:

Yelena was born in Ukraine to Russian parents.

This beautiful Russian girl started her modeling career at the age of 16 after she was “discovered” by the local photographer.

She got a degree in interior design from Interior Design Institute in Newport Beach, California.

Yelena graduated from the University of Economics and Business, USA.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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