Beautiful Yemeni Women Are Yet To Be Discovered

Yemeni women are the gorgeous desert beauties with exotic beauty…

Yemen possesses many traditional values and is rich in history as well as culture.  Yemen is a heavily populated country full of tribal people.

The men chew Khat and all activities practically halt by mid afternoon.  Overall Yemen it is a relatively safe place, however its people are poor and fed up with their current president.  It is one of the least developed Arabic nations with a 65% unemployment rate.  There are virtually no natural resources and many people do not even have running water.

About Yemen’s women, as with some Muslim countries, a lot of them are thought of as property.  Below are a few mote things about the beautiful women of Yemen.

Women here typically are olive complected or even black.  They have long dark hair, brown eyes, but there are always exceptions.  Most women dress very conservatively but can wear what they want.  They usually no not wear “clubbing” clothing but are stylish when afforded to them.  Beautiful Yemeni ladies do wear make up and take great care of themselves.  Modern Yemeni will never walk out of their homes unmade and most of them cover their heads, although it is not mandatory by law.

Education for Yemeni women is widely available, and depending on cultural and economical barriers, they will likely pursue a higher degree if afforded.  They make up a big part of the workforce, mostly as nurses and teachers if educated.  Beautiful Yemeni WomenOthers perform hard labor in the fields or raising livestock.  They are allowed to open businesses and have bank accounts.  They are equal under law however they face many challenges due to cultural instances.

Like most Muslim women, marriage and child rearing are their ultimate goals.  Usually marriages are arranged; however the higher caste females will have a choice of men.  She will never marry a man her parents disprove of and will be expected to serve her man.  Most of Yemeni girls are raised to be subservient and they only work if they have to.  In cases where they do work, they will be able to balance their families as well as their careers.  Dating is for the sole outcome of marriage.

Yemeni women are very active and social.  They participate in many outdoor activities, shop, and take care of all domestic duties.  These women are laid back and are esteemed for being female.  Because of their culture, they are not usually approached by men nor do they form social bonds with them.  They do group up with other females and daily meetings are frequent.

As mentioned, dating is almost non existent.  The modern men of Yemen are treated like royalty from their mothers, fathers, and wives.  When it comes to relations, for the most part they are segregated.  Here is a little more about them.Beautiful Yemeni Women

First, flirting and open displays of affection are frowned upon.  The men do not associate themselves with women so romantic dinners together are nil.

Yemeni women are expected to be in tact until marriage.  Also, there is no age limit on when to marry, so young girls can be married once puberty hits.  This is not as common as it was in the past, but it is still practiced without legal consequence.

Yemeni ladies are always prepared to have guests and are extremely hospitable.  They will make sure their guests are well taken care of and pride themselves on their ability to do so.

   Practically all Yemeni women have traditional values and are for the most part raised to be completely subservient.  To them, this is not a bad thing and they do not feel the need to be rescued.  They embrace their culture and take their religion seriously.  Hardly any of them possess any western values even though legally they can be free thinking and independent women.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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