Do’s & Don’ts On How To Flirt With Girls

Some useful tips on flirting and getting noticed by beautiful girls…

Flirting with beautiful girls can prove to be challenging for some men, especially the younger ones.

They get stuck in this rut and continue with the same method of flirting that never works for them.

In this short guide, you are going to learn how to properly exhibit flirtatious behavior without looking like a complete loser.

The examples below are flirting techniques that men like to abuse regularly when in reality they just need to knock it off.

First, do not be a macho man.  A lot of men like to muscle up and come off as manly men.

Women love masculinity, but when men constantly flex and talk about their own physique in order to impress her, what they are really doing is being a fake.

Remember, no matter how masculine you are, Chuck Norris will always be able to take you down a few levels.

Try to be male without acting like some sort of beefcake.

This piece of advice is important.How To Flirt

A lot of men like to act like complete dummies.  They pretend they are stupid because they think it is very cute and flirty.

They likely got many laughs and attention in college by being ridiculously inane; however in the adult world this behavior is unacceptable and not at all attractive.

Your date may be laughing at you, however she truly is thinking you are an idiot and literally “laughing at you”.  Do not act oblivious on purpose.

This last piece of advice on how to flirt with girls is essential to have in a flirting tool box.

Men that try to be super smooth are the worst kinds of pick up artists to date.

These men try to be romantic, constantly throw out outlandish compliments, and are impossible to have a conversation with because they refer every sentence or topic to a pick up line or compliment.How To Flirt

Do NOT over gesture and constantly compliment.  It is annoying and uncomfortable.

Don Jaun was a fictional character and pretending to be him will get you nowhere.

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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