Tricks Beautiful Women Use Online to Filter Men

Women are all about “how to know something before it actually happens”; and beautiful women are no different.

Women just love to know whether or not a man they are considering dating would be fateful, kind, responsible, caring, loving, devoted, and so on.

The fact that there are so many breakups and divorces tells you how successful one can be in foreseeing how is someone going to act and react in the future.

That being said, there are certain ways to screen person’s personality (aside from the personality tests we psychologist use in our practice) that can help you predict individual’s behavior. However, that is an entirely different topic.

In this article we will discuss ways and tricks beautiful women (and women in general) use to quickly filter men they “meet” online.

Online dating is very popular nowadays and surprisingly (or not) there are many beautiful women using the online dating services.  Beautiful women decide to be part of the online dating scene for a number of reasons, but the most important one is – the control and comfort that online dating offers.

Women feel more in control online than in the “real world”. They feel they have more ways to test men and filter them out, and they use quite a few tricks to do so.

Tricks Beautiful Women Use Online 

1.Fake/photoshoped profile photos – beautiful women are well aware that men find them very attractive due to their physical beauty.
The only thing she needs to do is to put some bad profile photo of her or even a fake one (of some average looking girl) and wait.However, more often than not, a beauty would like to know whether her man is with her for her looks or he likes/loves her personality as well. This is almost impossible to find out in the “real world dating” but online dating makes it very easy.Tricks Beautiful Women Use Online to Filter Men

2.I’m open to any suggestions – no woman is this easy, but some women write something like that in their profile to filter out men that suggest casual relationship or something similar. Of course there are exceptions but this is a trap in the most cases; or just a fake profile.

3.They set you up a beauty – everything is going great and you are about to meet her in person for the first time. Oh, but wait there is a girl that just messaged you and she would like to chat with you. You check her profile photos and she is gorgeous. You start chatting with her and she is very open-minded and ready to party. RED FLAG! It’s a trap, don’t fall into it.

4.Numerous test situations – women love to test men before getting serious with them. It is impossible to number all of the possible test situations that women use but the most important thing to know is that everything may be a test. So you should be very careful how you are going to react.

The fact that a beautiful women use tricks to test men should not be surprising to you because they have many reasons to be suspicious when it comes to the man’s intentions towards them.

There is no more valuable trophy for a man than a beautiful woman; however she doesn’t want to be anyone’s trophy.

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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