Beautiful French Women

The Complexities Of Beautiful French Women Revealed

Their features are diverse however there does happen to be substantial differences between French women and women of other countries.

French women are light and dark skinned with multiple facial and hair features. They are very feminine and may come off as being snobby, when in fact they do not tolerate people deficient in the intelligence department.

Food and fine wine is one of their greatest passions and their culture relies heavy on this. France has a very rooted history and French women play an important role in politics and have influenced many world views today as well as in the past. Below are a few more worth facts.

  • French women have an ideal style and like to be chic, haughty, and sophisticated. They are always impeccably groomed. The women of France lead the world in fashion and are notorious for setting the latest trends. They take great care of their appearance and are aware of every aspect of their being. They do not typically pile on a lot of make-up, however they do accentuate their best features. It is rare to see an overweight French women even though they live off of cheese and high caloric cream dishes.

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      • French women are extremely confident and have a high level of intelligence. There is a 60% chance that she understands and can speak the English language very well. Whether she will do that or not is another story.
      • The women of France live very active lifestyles. They are accustomed to culture, travel, and a degree of worldly substance. They are naturally inquisitive and are very driven beings when it comes to finding opportunities to learn about arts, literature, as well as other cultures.

    Beautiful French Women

    • There is a 64% chance that the stunning French woman is a Catholic, however there is only a 4% chance that she will attend mass regularly.

    Beautiful French women (as well as most French women) are extremely finicky when it comes to men. They do not tolerate foolishness or immaturity.

    Even though they are attracted to men of difference, they have an ideal image of what a man should look like, act like, which is why they rarely settle for less.  Below are some generalizations of what French women like in men.

    • French women are very open with their beliefs and are not hung up or uptight about love making. They are very comfortable talking about it in public or even in a group setting.
    • French women desire confident men that have good posture, a higher degree of intelligence, as well as fashion sense. Contrary to popular belief, a confident French female will most likely not tolerate a stinky man.
    • Men from all age groups can be attractive to a French woman. The more romantic a man is, the more appealing they are to her. French women are very traditional when it comes to courtship. A man that does not respect her femininity does not stand a chance. They love to be spoiled with material and attention.
    • French women are very aware of their surroundings. It would not be uncommon for a French woman to approach a man that she witnessed showed some manners. Etiquette and mannerism is very important to them.
    Laetitia Casta - Beautiful French Women

    Laetitia Casta

    When going on a date or approaching a French woman, try to speak in her native language whether you are good at it or not. It is appreciated and gives the impression of respect.

    • If you won the chance to go out with one of the beautiful French women, do not dare take her to a greasy spoon or circus. Impress her with a fine dining experience or day at a museum.
    • French women take a lot of pride in their appearance and if not told she is beautiful, she may ask you what you think of her looks.
    • Some public display of affection is to be expected, even groping, however this should only be initiated by her. She will have no problems demanding physical attention if she wants it.
    • French women love to flirt, however they do not do it in an adolescent or child like manner. They will do it with their eyes, body language, as well as physical contact. Goofy flirting will not likely be tolerated and will result in her thinking you are dunce.

    To finish, beautiful French women are very complex. They demand attention and romance, however the experience of dating a French woman comes with great benefits. They love romance  are extremely intelligent, and will always tend to their good looks.

    Beautiful French Women

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    Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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