Beautiful Vietnamese Women

Beautiful Vietnamese Women Are Adorable

Vietnam is like two worlds. In the cities people are educated, packed like sardines in their living quarters, and they ride scooters or bikes everywhere. In the rural parts they live in huts and harvest rice.

A lot of parts of the country, especially the tourist areas, have modern day conveniences, though this is limited.

Anywhere in Vietnam is not a paradise by western standards, however today the country is embracing the west and encouraging foreigners to invest, and even allowing them to buy land.

With all of this, it has been said, that what truly makes Vietnam a beautiful place, are the beautiful Vietnamese women. They are staggering exotic in all of their oriental glory.

Listed are a few things about them.

Take a look at these gorgeous Vietnamese beauties:

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    • As one can imagine, almost all beautiful Vietnamese women are tanned skinned with dark hair and eyes. They have a very dominant slant to their lids and are petite. Most of them have perfect bodies. In Vietnam, the respectable women dress modestly and are up to date on western fashions. How she dresses will depend on her religion though. They can be Buddhists, Muslims, Hindu’s, and even Christian. They do wear make up but their skin is flawless and this too is done in moderation. A ponytail seems to be the hair style of choice.

Beautiful Vietnamese Women

  • When it comes to education, Vietnamese women are extremely dedicated and driven, however this is mainly encouraged in the more populated areas. They will likely speak English, and typically pursue higher degrees. They work in high profile jobs such as nurses, doctors, professors, and can even hold leadership roles. All of this will be dependent on her wealth, cultural barriers, and religion.
    • Vietnamese girls are typically raised to be subservient to men and they are extremely close to their families. It is not uncommon for 3 generations to be under one roof. Depending on religion, they date, marry, and are urged to have children. Male children are highly desired and are usually favored.
    • Vietnamese women have an abiding warmth and appear to be shy. They are very welcoming of westerners and western men seem to enjoy their company as well.  These women are very active and live hectic lifestyles. They are expected to do all domestic duties, work, and raise their children.

Beautiful Vietnamese Women

Modern beautiful Vietnamese women in the more developed parts are very active in the dating scene and they love to have fun.

  • Like most women, money is an important factor when it comes to relationships. However, the stereotype that Vietnamese beauties are solely after westerners for their money and passports is simply not true.
  • Vietnamese girls love to dance and reportedly they can seduce any man with the way they move their bodies to the music. Also, they are known as great lovers.
  • Vietnamese women are usually subservient. These women will want to be with any man that respects her freedoms, has a sense of family, but can treat her with care.
  • These Asian hotties are very friendly, kind and gentle. Also, their English accent is extremely cute and seductive at the same time.

Beautiful Vietnamese  women have everything if the circumstances are there for them. They are caring, usually subservient, and intelligent. Most of all, they are extremely attractive, feminine and devoted.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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