Beautiful Sudanese Women

Sudanese ladies are brave & beautiful…

Sudan is hardly a rich country and most citizens live with what westerners consider “hardship”.  About 40% of the population lives in urban areas where it is common to see a mud brick home next to a modern building.

Even in urban areas only 64% of the people have an improved water source.

This is an Islamic nation that has suffered through recent wars and civil unrest. Many Sudanese live in deplorable conditions without sanitation, running water, nor health facilities.  It is the true definition of a 3rd world country with development at a snails pace.

The women here face many obstacles.  They are under educated and considered as low class citizens.  Sudanese women are not seen as equal, and as a whole, segregation of the sexes is normal.  Below are more things to know about the women of Sudan.

Sudanese women are mostly Muslim and follow the dress code.  They are always modestly clad and many in the south wear bright colors.  They wear head scarves, veils, and female turbans.  Typically these women are tall, slender, and black.  Some are lighter and support a more Arabic look however.  Some wear cosmetics but they try not to draw too much attention to themselves.  Wearing pants or other clothing will result in a beating of 40 lashes and a monetary fine if she is from Northern Sudan.

Beautiful Sudanese Women

  • Education is hardly a concern for women here.  She has less than a 51% chance of even being literate. In the south, women have more support and access to education though.They are becoming aware of their rights and commonly challenge any discrimination, even if it does come with social and legal consequences.  These women do work and most are employed in the agricultural departments.  Educated women will take on skilled jobs.

Beautiful Sudanese Women

Marriages are still arranged within the Muslim part of population.  In the South, women are enjoying the freedom to choose their spouses and tend to marry at a later age.  They are very family oriented and posses traditional values.  In the North, women are completely subservient to their men and other male family members.  Regardless of region, all Sudanese women take their religion seriously.

Women in Sudan are extremely active.  They can be found shopping, working, and partaking in all domestic duties.  These ladies do not hang around other men.  They form tight bonds with their families and other ladies.  They group up together for tea and chat time.  Sudanese ladies are very communal and help each other in any way they can.

Some beautiful Sudanese women do date, but not in the northern Muslim communities.  If she is Muslim, forget about it unless conversion and loads of money are in place.  Otherwise, here are some good things to know about modern Sudanese girls.

Modern Sudanese ladies are very concerned about their rights and liberties today.  They are considered pioneers in this region.  When it comes to men, it is likely that she will be looking for a man with her same views of equality and basic human rights.

Beautiful Sudanese Women

Sudanese girls are also aware of their appearance.  They take great care to appear feminine and will likely expect the same from a male counterpart.

Sudanese women are very tight with their families and have a strong attachment to tradition.  She will have no problems in obtaining new customs, but she will likely look for someone with the same values.

Social caste is common with all Sudanese.  Even though they are not materialistic, shallow, or gold diggers, they will not associate themselves with men of a lower social status.

It would be only natural for beautiful Sudanese girls to prefer men that are intelligent, financially stable, and with gender equality in mind.

Overall, this country is in a state of unrest and it is not even advised to travel here.  Even Christian women here face uncertainty.  They continue to fight for their rights and suffer the consequences.  These women are bringing international attention to themselves and do not appear to be giving up.  It appears they will be rescuing themselves.  If in Sudan, especially the south, be warned that these beautiful women are looking to be free and are working hard to make lives better for themselves as a collective.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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