Beautiful Haitian Women

Underneath All The Rubble Are Beautiful Haitian Women

Gorgeous Haitian women are the best thing about Haiti!

Haiti is in a horrible state of disarray and cannot seem to catch a break. The waters are over fished, the land is deforested, and the landscape suffers from heavy pollution. It is the poorest country in the Americas as measured by the Human Development Index.

If you do not already know, Haiti is considered a burden nation and is highly resented by the Dominicans. Even through all of this mess, Haiti does output beautiful black women. Here are a few things about them.

Haitian women have a dark brown skin complexion and heavy African features (90-95% Percent of Haitians are of African descent). They have dark eyes and Afro hair.

Many of them do not have the means to care for themselves however they will always wear the nicest things they have. Sandals or flip flops are the shoe of choice.

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  • Education is horrible at best. There is a 53% chance that a Haitian woman will be literate. Most of them will speak a bastardized French or Creole. If they immigrate, they assimilate very quickly by following customs and learning the language. They do participate in the workforce in the Dominican Republic and are highly discriminated against. In America, they are hired as illegals for dirt pay.

Beautiful Haitian Women

  • Haitian women are very religious. Some of them even believe in voodoo. They form tight bonds with their families, elders, and kin. They participate in all domestic duties and are excellent care givers. They have been known to breast feed for long periods of time.
      • A Haitian woman will most likely take great care of the men in her life and her home. All of her children will be well disciplined and her husband or mate will be regarded as the head of the household.

Beautiful Haitian Women

  • When it comes to dating, beautiful Haitian women are considered odd by western standards. They usually start having romantic relationships at early ages, marry much later, and often have children before wedlock.These women love to be women and treated like royalty, unfortunately this doesn’t happen often. Domestic abuse is common but they hit back just as hard.

These women can be very dramatic if crossed but in general are subservient to men. Here are some ways to easily charm a Haitian gal.

  • Gifts of any ilk will be welcomed with open arms. Haitian women love things, especially flowers, perfumes and lotions.
  • Haitian’s love to dance to any music whether it be gospel, hip hop, or even the Merengue. Therefore, make sure you take her to the place where she can dance and teach you few moves.
  • Whatever you do don’t talk about the problems that Haiti faces. Just pretend as if they don’t exist  and focus on her.

In conclusion: These women easily assimilate to other cultures. They are excellent caretakers and are said to be quite crazy in the bedroom. These women are easily approached by men because they adore them.

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