Beautiful Jamaican Women

Listening To Reggae And Watch The Beautiful Jamaican Women

There is nothing like listening to beautiful Jamaican women speak; their accent is irresistibly feminine and appealing.

Like all developing countries, Jamaica is a work in progress.

It does have its poverty, however clean water, electric systems, and other modern conveniences are well established here.

Jamaicans are very happy go lucky people with no sense of time. There are many resources and many people are happy to grow things.

Jamaica is a touristy location with gorgeous shores and excellent rum. Outside of these areas, there is basic lifestyle where people live out of necessity. Some are endowed with lavished homes and others are not.

As for the beautiful women of Jamaica, they are one of a kind. They talk like they are singing and their accents are irresistible. Here are some things about them.

Take a look at these lovely Jamaican women:

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Jamaican Women Characteristics

  • Beautiful Jamaican women come in many colors, however they are predominately black with high cheekbones and afro hair. They love to wear bright fashionable colors and are very feminine. These women are extremely prideful and take their appearances seriously. Poor or rich, they will always dress their finest. Big jewelry and shoes seems to be their obsessions. Usually they dress to impress in form fitting clothing depending on the occasion.

Beautiful Jamaican Women

  • Almost all Jamaican women are educated. They speak English with a twist of slang. These women will pursue higher degrees if the funding is there. A lot of them further their education in the UK and United States. They compete in the workforce and hold leadership roles. These women are no nonsense when it comes to work and schooling.
  • Jamaican women are traditional however it is unlikely for her to give up her career in order to start a family. They tend to be more loyal to their men than other Caribbean women. Jamaican ladies form tight family bonds and hold a high regard for the elderly. These women are excellent caregivers and their children are well disciplined. All Jamaicans can cook.
  • Like most of the people in the Caribbean, beautiful Jamaican women are not in any rush. They participate in many outdoor activities, family functions, love to travel, and enjoy the night life. They love to show off their assets by dancing. These women do stay busy at all times.

Jamaican women take their relationships seriously and will not tolerate being crossed. It is said that all of her brothers will come after any man that has hurt his sister in any fashion. Some Jamaican women are welcoming to foreigners while others are not. One thing is for sure, they are adorned by men from all over the world for their confidence and femininity  Here are some tips to woo beautiful Jamaican women.

Beautiful Jamaican Women

  • Don’t even think of acting like a player. A Jamaican woman will call this out and walk away with a severe attitude. She will not tolerate being treated like a piece of meat.
  • Appearance and presenting themselves as high class is important to them. Men that have no regard for their looks or no ambition to be successful in their field of work should not even try approaching the Jamaican beauty.
  • Jamaican women do not need to be saved, they are too proud for that stereotype. A man that understands these women are independent and free thinking has a higher chance of winning her over. Men that are looking for a stay at home wife need not bother.

As mentioned, beautiful Jamaican women are confident, educated, and a driving force of the country’s economy. These women have the most attractive singing accents that easily melt any mans heart. Jamaican women are confident, free thinking individuals with traditional thinking. Overall, these women are the jackpot of femininity and confidence!

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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