Beautiful Australian Women

The Down Under Of Beautiful Australian Women

Essentially, there is no one definition of an Australian beauty because Australia has been blessed with immigrants from many parts of the world and has many cultural groups.

There are many gorgeous babes to be found in the land from down under and they are all very different looking.

From birth, Australian women are ingrained with independence as well as dry wit.

Also, they are very Westernized individuals with a sense on entitlement.

Australian Women Characteristics

Depending on the age group and the latest fashions, Australian women dress according to the seasons and weather patterns. They are care free and are party loving females and take the same care in their looks as the American or European women do.


Australian women like to have fun by going to night clubs and LOVE to go to the beach. Besides drinking beer, it is one of their favorite past times. They are also heavy into music as well as the latest fashion trends.

Take a look at these Australian women:

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    • Australian women are notorious for their bluntness. They are very outgoing and opinionated as well as very open with their feelings. They do not hold back.
  • The majority of Australians do not speak a second language. In Australia, 60% are Christian, however most are not active practitioners. As well, there is a 45% chance that the beautiful Australian woman you are looking at is an active alcoholic. Because of recent anti-movements, there is only a 20% chance that she is a smoker.Beautiful Australian Women

The women from Australia are attracted to many types of men and typically do not care if they have a formal education or not. They typically pair up with other Australian men, however more and more women are investing in outside relations with foreigners.

    • Australian women are attracted to men that are hard-working with a rugged or tough appearance and quick-minded. The cowboy look is a good example.
    • Women in Australia love to be teased and thrive on mind games. They like cute cockiness and polite condescendence. Do not confuse this with arrogance. An Australian woman can knock an arrogant man down a peg or two with a simple glare.
Nicole Kidman Beautiful Australian Women

Nicole Kidman

  • All beautiful Australian women are drawn to men that are well kept, own a sense of humor, and are not clingy.
  • Australian women love to be approached by men with foreign accents. A simple greeting such as “g’day mate” will go a long way.

Australian women are not adverse to dating anyone, however they do have their hang ups. If you happen to land a date with one of the beautiful Australian women that leave you breathless, mind some of these tips:

  • When out on a date, keep her interest with great conversational topics. Whatever you do, do not bring up the fact that Australia began as a British penal colony. This will get you kicked in an undesirable part of the body.
  • Australians are one of the world leaders in fast-food consumption so do not discount going out to a burger joint with the lovely lady.
  • Gush out a bunch of compliments to her without being desperate.
  • If you are not Australian, do not say ridiculous things such as “crikey a dingo ate meh baby” or refer to Paul Hogan or “Crocodile Dundee”. This is a major turn off to ALL Australian women.

All in all, beautiful Australian women are no different than American or Western Europeans. They have the same characteristics and value system as well as the same hang-ups. Dating an Australian woman is perfect for rugged looking men looking to have a good time with a care free spirited woman.

Beautiful Australian Women

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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