Beautiful Saudi Women

Beautiful Saudi Women Are Exotic And Breathtaking

Saudi Arabia is a strict country and crime is low because the consequences are severe and sometimes fatal.

Religious freedom is almost non existent and the women are considered to be 2nd class citizens with few rights.

Life can be considered hard in a lot of parts of this desert country and this can be especially seen with Saudi women.

Below is a little more about them.

Beautiful Saudi women are mesmerizing. They are usually tanned with dark hair and eyes. They do wear cosmetics but not to an extreme. Modern Saudi women are restricted in their dress code and conform to modesty.

Bright colors are frowned upon and so is tight clothing. Their bodies are usually covered and commonly wear head scarves. They are very feminine and will not leave their homes unless appropriately dressed and made up.

Take a look at these beautiful Saudi women:

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  • Saudi women are educated if it is afforded to them. This will depend on their family’s caste and her upbringing. The Saudi government is making very good progress when it comes to educational equality among the genders and women are encouraged to attend school up until the age of 15.
    Amira al-Taweel Beautiful Saudi Women

    Amira al-Taweel

    Sports are illegal for females and so is exercising. They will be segregated from the males in any setting accept for guardianship and in the bedroom when her husband wants to indulge himself.

  • Beautiful Saudi women are very good caretakers and are raised to be completely subservient to men. Boys are cherished and girls are trained all their lives on how to respect the male gender. They are not allowed to drive, go in public without a male guardian, and are segregated in the home. They are allowed to work as nurses, teachers, and maids but this is usually an arranged situation in a home or private setting.

Saudi Arabian women do not date men. They will remain a virgin until marriage which are usually arranged between two families. Also, Saudi men often marry up to four wives provided they have the financial means to support them all.

Below are some more things about Saudi relationships:

Reem Abdullah Beautiful Saudi Women

Reem Abdullah

  • Number one, it would be considered extreme for a Saudi woman to marry a Westerner and could be punishable by death. Her safety will be in danger even if she is in another country where Saudi men reside. It is common for Saudi women studying abroad to be harassed by other Saudi’s for conforming to her surroundings. No matter where she is, she is expected to dress and act according to Saudi law.
  • In Saudi relationships, men and women reside in separate parts of the home. The only value a Saudi woman has in an undamaged hymen and child rearing. Otherwise she is nothing more than a piece of property that has to be taken care of for the rest of her life.
  • An ordinary Saudi woman will be low maintenance, have tight bonds within the family, and will be rendered useless if divorced.

Right now there are a lot of human rights groups aiming to improve the lives for Saudi women, however it is proving to be difficult because of social repression, lack of education, and the strict laws.

Most of Saudi women do not think they have it so bad, however, they can be married off at any age, physical and domestic abuse is not shunned, and they are considered to be brain washed. This of course is by Western standards.

If someone other than a Saudi is adamant on marrying, dating, or rescuing a Saudi female, he will either have to kidnap her, or somehow settle for an older woman. Otherwise, she is forbidden to be with a foreigner and this is punishable by death.

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