Beautiful Nigerian Women

Through Nigeria’s Hardships, Beautiful Nigerian Women Glimmer

Women in Nigeria are extremely under represented and society as a whole treats them like 2nd class citizens.

Overall, Nigeria’s women are severely lagging when it comes to expressing their freedoms.

Nigerian ladies are (for the most part) black, tall, and slim. These women are very concerned about looking good. Because of the many ethnic groups, clothing varies. Some wear modern clothing, while others wear their tribal and religious wares.

Brightly colored fashions, large jewelry, and even head dresses are common. Cosmetics are popular as well. Essentially, they always look their best for work or in the home.

Nigerian Women Characteristics:

Education is highly valued but unfortunately about 60% of Nigerian women can read or write. Education is horrible to say the least. Many are too destitute or unable to attend schools because of social pressures. Educated women do work wherever they can and even take on positions of power, yet their roles in the governance sectors remain one of the lowest in the world. Even though there are over 500 indigenous languages spoken, English is the country’s official spoken language.

  • About 50% of Nigeria’s population is practicing Islam and those women follow the standard cultural traditions. About 40% are Christians to which have more liberties when it comes to courtships and mates. The average children she will bear is 5. In some parts of Nigeria women are considered her husbands property. If she is in a Christian or customary marriage, her rights after divorce and during marriage are not recognized by law.Take a look at these beautiful Nigerian women:

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  • Beautiful Nigerian women are always doing something productive. If she is not earning a wage, then she is performing in her community and domestic duties. Depending on her religion and surrounding society, she will do all of the shopping, care giving, and serve her husband.

All over the internet there are accounts of Nigerian men stereotyping their women. They believe these women are hard to get and are only after money. They have also expressed aggravation over their strong moral values.

Maybe beautiful Nigerian women are well to aware of what Nigerian men can be like and take a cautious approach. These women are extremely friendly and do exhibit a lot of confidence.Rissikat Bade Beautiful Nigerian Women

Below are some accounts of what modern Nigerian women expect from men:

  • Beautiful Nigerian women expect loyalty from their men. Faithfulness is extremely important to an educated Nigerian.
  • One beautiful Nigerian woman expressed that she is more concerned that her man will have some sort of financial stability. Poverty is common and more so for women, therefore she believes being attracted to financial stability and gold digging are two different things.
  • Appearances are very important to Nigerian women. They are feminine and expect their men to be masculine. Typically they date or engage themselves to physically fit and good looking men.
  • Family and tradition are sacred to Nigerian women. Most Nigerian women have a strong code of morals and rarely will bypass those standards.

Beautiful Nigerian women are considered friendly and warm. They are extremely hard working individuals aiming for a good life and a strong family. Of course these women have a traditional value system and that should be respected.

Most of Nigeria’s women are vulnerable and exposed to a false sense of hope. Many are duped into the sex trade and are even slaves. Through all of the corruption, Nigerian women are still insanely gorgeous and deserve to have all of the rights and fair treatment as any other woman.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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