Beautiful South African Women

Post Apartheid Beautiful South African Women

South Africa is considered the cradle of man kind. It is a fascinating country and is a hotbed for biodiversity.

There are several ethnic groups and official languages. It was only recently that the brutal policy of apartheid has been abolished.

Today national legislation protects women and their rights of equality. They have a long tradition of political leadership and were at the forefront of the apartheid inequality. Here are some more characteristics and stereotypes of beautiful South African women.

Around 70% of the population here are black or “colored”. The rest are white, Asian, and even Indian looking in appearance. Their dress code varies according to climate, culture, and religion. Younger girls may wear very provocative clothing where as many other are modestly dressed. Western fashions are common as is traditional and tribal wares. Typically these women take a high regard for their appearance but are not considered to be of high maintenance.

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    • When it comes to education, it is encouraged. Many beautiful South African women pursue formal degrees and participate in the workforce. They can be doctors, teachers, lawyers, and even hold positions in political sectors. 89% of South African women can read and write.Beautiful South African Women
    • Religion is just as diverse as the people. The dominating religion is Christianity which composes of 36%. The rest can be anything from Muslim to Pentecostal. Cohabitation is common before marriage and the legal age is 21 in order to marry. Sex before marriage is common and so is child birth. On average a South African woman will have 2 to 3 children.
  • Beautiful South African women are very active. They can be found clubbing, indulging themselves with sports, and participating in domestic duties. Modern women form tight familial bonds and strong friendships. They are extremely friendly and welcoming of strangers.

Today beautiful South African women are no nonsense. Domestic abuse is rampant, however these women will hit back. They are independent, yet traditional in their views. Most modern ladies are far from subservient but do have a sense of family and their role as a female in society.

Beautiful South African Women

They demand equality and are less likely to tolerate a man that believes women are meant for the kitchen. Below is what every South African women look for in men.

  • An intelligent man with modern values is sought. These women will not live in conditions where they are controlled by men. They do love masculinity, however machismo is frowned upon.
  • South African women are not considered materialistic or shallow, however they do want things. They will work for all of their own possessions, however men with financial stability are highly desired.
  • Most South African women take their looks seriously. They will be more appreciative of a man that takes the same care into his own appearance. Well groomed men are preferable.
  • A lot of South African men step out on their wives. She will demand a man to be faithful to her. Men that do not believe in monogamy need not apply.

Beautiful South African women are strong and more independent than ever before. They are still making great efforts for some basic human rights and equalities, however they are far from being 2nd class citizens.

These women are in no way subservient to men, but they do have morals and a traditional sense over all. South African women deserve faithful, intelligent, and kind men. They desire their femininity to be recognized along with being equal to her male counterpart.

Beautiful South African Women

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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