Beautiful North American Women

When talking about the North American women most people think of the American and Canadian women.

However North American continent is home to many other women including: Mexican, Bahamian, Costa Rican, Cuban, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Jamaican and so on.

Therefore, writing any type of the generalizations about the North American beauties would be almost impossible. It’s for that reason that this article will focus on the Canadian and American women.

More precisely, this article will predominantly talk about one of the most common stereotypes about the American/Canadian women which is:

American/Canadian women are self-centered, spoiled, demanding, shallow, materialistic, and they expect men to work from dawn to dusk so that they can afford all kinds of luxuries – which is the main goal in their consumer culture.

North American Women

How about that?

Do you agree with this stereotype? Disagree completely? Or you think that there is some truth in this generalization?

It is really interesting how many blog posts, articles and comments are there on the internet advocating that the North American women (American/Canadian) are shallow, superficial and demanding.

It seems that men from around the world (including the North American men) are very angry with the North American beauties. Why is this so?

Let’s try to better understand the women from the United States and Canada.

They are living in the cradle/center of the consumer culture. As the famous psychologist and philosopher Erick Fromm said: “Western man/woman can be best described as the Homo Consumentus due to the fact that he/she lives in a society that is based on owning and acquiring goods”.

If the above statement is too difficult to understand just think about this very frequent question in the Western (predominantly English speaking) world:

North American Women

How much is he/she worth? (Instead of asking: How much money he/she has?) In other words if you have $0 in your pockets you are worth ________?!

North American ladies are well educated, independent and enjoy all the rights that men do. Therefore, they can be picky; which is unfortunately not the case with many women from around the world.

In other words, North American women have the opportunity to be demanding and spoiled whilst women from most of the African and many Asian countries do not. Of course that a woman from Philippines, Iran, Ethiopia, or other countries alike is not spoiled, demanding or dominant in any way but submissive and thankful for absolutely everything.

Women that live in patriarchal cultures such as Russian, Japanese, Chinese or Indian are also (in general) much less demanding and spoiled than the American and Canadian women are.

Therefore, it is understandable why the American men are shocked when they meet women from other countries and are amazed with their gratitude and devotion.

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