Beautiful Zambian Women

The Woes Of Beautiful Zambian Women

Zambia is an African country near Congo with a rich history, warmhearted people and unfortunately many hardships. As of 2012 about 68% of Zambians live below the recognized national poverty line.

Zambian girls are lucky to even complete the 11th grade and they have limited rights.

In 2011, for the Gender Inequality Index Zambia received a score of 0.627, placing the country at 131 out of 146 countries with data.

The land here is gorgeous and the women are very exotic so it is a shame that these women live in such conditions.

Stunning Zambian women are among the most beautiful black African women. Many Zambian beauties  take care of their looks but reportedly, overall, Zambian ladies have neither time nor money to go to the beauty salons, spas or shopping centers.

There are many sub cultures here but majority of the women are governed by men. They are (for the most part) subservient. They bear an average of four children and marry at a very young age, especially in the rural areas. Interestingly though, Zambia is one of the most highly urbanized countries in sub-Saharan Africa with about 50% of the population concentrated in a few urban areas along the major transport corridors.Beautiful Zambian Women

Sadly, about 10 years ago the average life expectancy was at the age of 33! In 2012 the life expectancy in Zambia improved and it was at the age of 43 (still very low).

Women of Zambia are very hard working, basically doing most of the farm labor for the country and then coming home to take care of their husbands and children. If they are not farm laborers, then the next job of choice is in a factory (if they are lucky) or in some other industry alike.

The fact that Zambian females are intelligent, beautiful, and have great potential is best seen when they immigrate to Western countries. Just take for example the Great Britain where there is a number of Zambian ladies that are great artists, human rights activists, respectable scholars, successful businesswomen, etc.

Many of the affluent and otherwise successful women from Zambia that live in the western countries are trying their best to help their sisters back home but there is only so much they can do.

Hopefully, the better days are coming for Zambia and its people.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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