List Of The Most Beautiful Girls Without Photoshop

Unique and Extraordinary List of the Most Beautiful Girls Without Photoshop

There is no question that we live in the world of deception and Photoshop, which is the main reason why Beautiful Women decided to organize the contest for the Most Beautiful Girl withOUT Photoshop.

This is a very special list dedicated to truly beautiful women and people that admire their beauty.

Note: every image leads to a gallery, enjoy...

#25 Emily Skye - Australia

#24 Natasha Barnard - South Africa

#23 Demi Rose - Great Britain

#22 Georgia Salpa - Ireland 

#21 Natali Danish - Ukraine 

#20 Mable Soe - Myanmar 

#19 Sofie Karlstad - Ireland 

#18 Ashley Sky - United States

#17 Jessica Lawndes - Canada 

#16 Emily Didonato - United States

#15 Anastasia Petrova - Russia

#14 Emily Ratajkowski - United States

#13 Shanina Shaik - Australia

#12 Andrea Brooks - United States

#11 Irina Sharipova - Russia

#10 Julia Herz - Costa Rica 

#9 Megan Young - Philippines 

#8 Alena Shishkova - Russia

#7 Xenia Tchoumitcheva - Switzerland 

#6 Rim Saidi - Tunisia 

Top 5 Most Beautiful Girls Without Photoshop

#5 Shorena Begashvili - Georgia

#4 Zuleyka Silver - Mexico 

#3 Gabriela Bertante - Brazil

#2 Ekaterina Koba - Belarus

The Most Beautiful Girl Without Photoshop 2013

#1 Sonja Zekic - Bosnia

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Comments (83):


I am speechless... This is the list of most beautiful girls for real! 


I am in love! 25 TIMES!!!


WOW! These girls are simply stunning! and the #1 is just amazing! 


The #1 is extremely beautiful. It's really amazing how nature and God can make such perfection. I red her interview and she seems to be a very humble and kind person. That's a perfect woman.


After seeing Sonja I no longer believe Italian women are the most beautiful unless she has some Italian blood?


#2 is the most beautiful blonde I've ever seen. #3 is the most beautiful Brazilian woman I've ever seen, none of the famous Brazilian models can even compare to her beauty. #4 is the most beautiful Latina. #1 is simply remarkable! The BEST list EVER!


3 Russian girls on the list! Enough said.


Mihail, 4 girls are from United States. Enough said.


Ray, only One & Only is from Bosnia :) PS. Aida Dapo is also 200% natural and also from .... Bosnia! Enough said. 


#14 Emily is just fine...very fine...


I love this website and I love this list, and NO I'm not into girls :)


The #1 is drop dead gorgeous! 


Way too much beauty in one place for people with heart conditions.


First one is soo H.O.T :) go Bosnia


Belarus beauty looks like an angel!


Seriously, you girls have no mercy. This list is making my head explode!


Natural beauty that only Bosnia has!!!


Ola, La Mexicana! #4 is my dream girl. 


Andrea Brooks is gorgeous! I love her beauty videos. She is so talented and positive. 


The 3rd bosnian girl this year which is named the most beautfiul girl in the world! Bosnians are the most beautiful :D


#1 is surreal! She is beautiful but looks a bit sad. However after reading her interview I realized she is quite happy. 


#25 and #1 are my favorite beauties. I'd marry both of them. 


Even though I prefer blondes I have to admit that #1 is really special. Her beauty is hypnotic. 


I have never seem more beautiful girl than Sonja. She is mesmerizing!  


#5 is so exotic and gorgeous. If i were a guy....


#10 Oh my God! Costa Rican girls are the most beautiful. Come and see for your self. 


Compare how big is Russia and how big is Bosnia. It's bigger success to have 1 girl from Bosnia on the list than 4 girls from Russia.


I really have no idea how can someone say that one is more beautiful than the other. All of these girls are just perfect. Or maybe I was too long in the prison :)


Sonja is Croatian ;)


#22!!! Go Ireland! #19 Perfect! 


I'm trying really hard to find any reason why the Bosnian babe shouldn't be #1 but it's impossible. 


I just applied :)


Sonja, Bosnia is proud of you! 


I'm sorry but #1 is not more beautiful than other girls from this list. A girl who looks similar but much more attractive is Eva Mendez.


Russian girls are definitively most beautiful. No wonder there are 3 of them on the list (and one from Belarus).


Okay, let's see... #23 is very hot; #2o Exotic; #19 stunning girl next door; #18 typical American beauty; #14 OH my God; #12 the coolest beauty ever; #9 Gorgeous; Number 5 WOW; #4 beautiful Latina - just the way I like them; #3 I just can't make up my mind, #2 blonde princess; # 1 very seductive AND #22 the most beautiful girl I've ever seen!


Bravo Sonja. All girls are beautiful but Sonja is #1!


#1 is the BOMB!


Interesting list. I really have no idea which girl is the most beautiful but there is definitively something very attractive about #1.


Yes they are all beautiful and Okay photos are not Photoshoped (kudos for that) but it would really be awesome to see beautiful girls without makeup. I know, I know that girls look quite different without makeup... I'm just saying...

Mr. Brown:

Sonja is the Goddess & I'll be her God :)


I'm not 100% sure that I had nothing to do with some of the photos above...


Bosnian chick is most wanted! 


#14 is not American but British and actually Polish. Anyways, she is unbelievably hot. That being said, all girls from the list are very attractive and I bet that there is no man on the planet that would object to spending some quality time with either one of them.  


Well, to me a woman from Tunisia is the most beautiful... also, as I see, on this list there are quite a few Slavic women... Generally, Slavic people are beautiful...


My girl is the most beautiful in the world!


This list proofs that there are plenty of ordinary women all around the world, which are much more beautiful even without photoshop and plastic surgeries than all those fake plastic superstars on covers of the imagine how many of them will never want to go in public...


Sonja is the woman I want to marry. Just imagine being married to a Goddess like her... 


How come there are no Romanian girls on the list? I just applied so you can get it right next time :)


I'm telling you now, as I've told you before, you need to see Fata. She is the most beautiful girl in the world. Too bad she is with Suljo...


Mujo, hahahahaha you are so funny! But I have to disagree with you because Sonja is definitively gorgeous. 


Someone said Sonja is Croatian and that's just wrong. Everyone is trying to steal other people's fame and success. She is catholic and she is Bosnian. She comes from a city called Zepce which is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. ;) Btw, congratulations Sonja! Bosnia and Herzegovina is proud of you! ;)


Sonja is the living definition of sensuality. 


#1 looks like a movie star! 


These 25 beauties are the girls every man dreams about but only few ever get to experience. 


Compliments for the list, you definitively got some of the most beautiful girls on it. #1 is like a dream you wish never to end. 


The #2 is most beautiful girl I've ever seen. 


#4 and #2 would make me a very happy man. 


How is the name Sonja pronounced? I'm having some difficulties figuring it out. Anyways, Sonja is the epitome of female sensuality. 


Mexico has the most beautiful girls in the world! Just look at the #4 and see it for yourself. 


Just imagine #1 by your side... Don't get me wrong all 25 girls are gorgeous but #1 is 


#1 is the girl I would do anything for.


This is why I can wake up so early and make myself go to work. Just looking at the photos of these girls makes my day bearable. Just imagine how I would feel if one of was here by my side.


This is such a classy website. It's obvious that it is created by women :) Great job ladies. BTW the list is awesome!


Sonja is so fine! She is the prototype of a perfect woman!


#1 & #2 are any man's dream come true.

Big Boy:

Finally a truly beautiful woman on top of the list and not some skinny babe that looks like... doesn't matter... great list.


#5 is so exotic and beautiful. #1 is mesmerizing! 


I just can't wait for the next year's list :)


#1 is a beautiful and very nice girl. I red her interview and fell in love...


This is the reason I love internet. You can see beautiful women from around the world at the comfort of your home. The list is very interesting. Keep the good work BWP.


So I'm blonde, natural and beautiful... but still I'm not on the list :) I just applied :)


Sonja is the woman every man dreams about. She is so beautiful and delicious!


#1, Men are not the only ones that dream about beautiful women :)


Every single girl from this list is just perfect.


#11 is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.


I wish I was on this list...


Of course, they're gorgeous, but most of them look practically the same. Are puffy lips and high cheekbones the only criteria for facial beauty?


Very good!


Rim is the best!


The list is a masterpiece but should expose legs, etc...


I wish they could all be California girls. What a lovely list. Women are beautiful all over the world.

Maja Lonar:

It is not Photoshop, but just a REAL WORK of PLASTIC SURGERY-once upon a time there were just a few girls that had -lets say almost a perfect nose line- and those were real beauties (like Ava Gardner,Monica B.,Liz Taylor..) but nowadays almost EVERY girl has small nose and full lips-LIE LIE LIE!!!Girls are not more beautiful by genetics (Bosnia-is here the ONLY one without operations & that's because that territory (Balkan) is well known for its beautiful people-but still she doesn't look so stupidly dolly perfect as all others but even a little heavy and much older than she really is-it is because her picture or you may say her appearance is real (not made-over by plastic).That's it :)


This list inspires me!


Rym is the best :*


Number #16 Emily has such gorgeous feminine features, extremely breathtaking beauty. and #21 Natalie's face is just perfect, her features are flawless. jheeeez. I also think #4 has the cutest smile I've ever seen.


It is impossible to choose one out of such a stunning group, but #1 is #1. The most beautiful woman I have ever seen is Isabella Rossellini. I saw her recently being interviewed and shocked to see how much she has aged in the past few years. But I realized that all the things I found so attractive in her 30 yrs ago were still there; the elegance, the chic cosmopolitan manner, the sensual grace and beautiful feminine softness. So I must agree with your website's motto, a woman is truly beautiful from the inside out.

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.