Kristine Dzidziguri – Charming Georgian Model

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Birth Name:  Kristine Dzidziguri (ქრისტინე ძიძიგური)

Place of Birth: Tbilisi, Georgia

Nationality: Georgian

Occupation: Model

Height: 5 ft 9in; 1.76m

Dzidziguri  in one sentence: Kristine is a Georgian model who is very dedicated to her work and family.


I was always having big plans, and was never thinking about anything else until I met Prince Juan.

Woman that respects herself, who is polite, smart and well groomed is considered elegant and attractive.

I am always listening to the advices of my brother. 

My mother is beautiful, intelligent strong and fearless woman.

My grandmother often was telling me that person’s dressing code is very important.

Women in France are beautiful and well groomed regardless of their age.

A successful model should be familiar with high society, glamorous lifestyles and travel a lot.

Professionalism, faith in yourself and patience are crucial to succeed. 

I never consume carbonated drinks.

I will try to keep my natural beauty as long as I can.

Interesting Facts:

Kristine’s parents are doctors. Her mother was the winner of the Grand Prix beauty contest 1991.

Her role model is her mother.

This model was second runner-up at the Miss Georgia 2008 competition; She received “Miss Personality ” award.

Kristine studied sociology at Tbilisi State University.

She is married to Hrh Prince Juan De Bagration-Mukhrani.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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