Most Beautiful Women In The World 2013

Breathtaking Beautiful Women From Around The World

There is nothing more beautiful and appealing than a gorgeous woman. She is a true perfection that both men and women admire. 

Men dream about dating beautiful women, and women are whiling to do great many things to be perceived as beautiful. 

This list of stunning girls will help you understand why beautiful ladies are simply irresistible. 

There is nothing more beautiful and appealing than a gorgeous woman. She is a true perfection that both men and women admire. 

Men dream about dating beautiful women, and women are whiling to do great many things to be perceived as beautiful. 

This list of stunning girls will help you understand why beautiful ladies are simply irresistible. 

Note: every image leads to a gallery, enjoy...

#50 Zhanna Zhumaliyeva

Zhanna is an exotic beauty from Kazakhstan that loves history and exploring different cultures.

Everything about Zhanna is exotic including the place of her birth. She was born in Uralsk - a city that sits on the border between Europe and Asia.

#49 Yesica Toscanini 

Yesica is a captivating Argentinian model that got very upset with the Argentinian media, which is why she requested ( through legal counsel), and was granted the right, to have all her images and data to be removed from internet search results in Argentina.


#48 Belen Rodriguez

Belen is an Argentinian beauty that lives and works in Italy.

She is a model, actress and a television host in Italy where she is considered to be one of the most desired women from the Latin America.

Belen loves Italian food, culture and men because they are prepared to do anything to please a beautiful woman (according to her). 

#47 Candice Swanepoel 

Candice is a beautiful South African girl that grew up in a small farm town, but that didn't stop her from reaching the stars. 

Today she is one of the most successful fashion models in the world.

Candice was only 16 years old when she was making more than $5000.00 for a days work. However, despite her tremendous success she remains humble and down to earth. 

#46 Venus Raj

Venus lived (for about 20 years) in an indigenous house made of bamboo, some wood and palm leaves, with no electricity; in the rural town of Bato, Philippines.

On March 6, 2010 she was crowned Miss Philippines Universe and her life changed dramatically for better. 

She used the opportunities she was given (she earned a Bachelor's degree in Communications Art) and today Venus is a successful young woman that managed to change her stars.

#45 Amanda Lajcaj

Amanda is a stunning girl of Albanian origin that has a great passion for dancing.

She is a professional dancer and has been competing in various dancing styles (ballet, hip hop, contemporary, jazz, modern, etc.).

Amanda is very active in her community and loves to help the ones in need.  

#44 Eva Mendes

Eva is a world famous actress and one of the most beautiful Latin women in the world.

Even though she was born in the United States her maternal language is not English but Spanish (both of her parents are Cuban).

All members of her family (parents, two sisters and a brother) were born in Cuba. She is the only American born in her family. 

#43 Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen is a Dutch model and one of the most beautiful Victoria Secret angels.

She is so popular and adored in her homeland that there is even a wax figure of her in the Amsterdam branch of Madame Tussaud's wax museum.

#42 Shristi Shrestha

Shristi is probably one of the most beautiful certified nurses in the world. However, she doesn't work with patients; instead she is a beauty queen and a model.

#41 Xenia Deli

Xenian is one of the most successful Moldovan models with a beautiful face and a charming personality.

She lives in New York but travels around the world for photoshoots.

#40 Bodine Koehle

Bodine is a gorgeous tall woman that was crowned Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2012.

She was born in Netherlands to a Dominican mother and a Dutch father but considers herself to be Puerto Rican because she was raised there.

#39 Vanessa Hessler 

Vanessa is a half-American half-Italian beauty with a very successful modeling career.

She was in a four year long relationship with Mutassim Gaddafi (son of an ex Libya's dictator Moammar Gaddafi).

Vanessa became very popular after playing a Greek princess in the 2008 “Asterix at the Olympic Games”. However, since then she is best known for her modeling career. 

#38 Vanessa Fonseca

Vanessa is the Brazilian black magic woman!

Everything about her is beautiful and attractive but the thing that makes her irresistible is her hypnotic look.

Vanessa is a very religious and God is her hero.  

#37 Amal Maher

Amal is one of the most famous Egyptian female singers.  

The fact that she is the member of the Cairo Opera House since 2000 speaks volumes about her singing. 

Her photos on the other side are a great testimony of her exotic Arab beauty. 

#36 Liya Kebede

Liya is an Ethiopian model, fashion designer, actress and a great philanthropist.

As soon as she became famous and rich Liya founded the Liya Kebede foundation which is dedicated to saving the lives of mothers and children worldwide.

In 2005, she was appointed as World Health Organization Goodwill Ambassador for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health.

#35 Mavis Pan Shuang

Mavis Pan is one of the most beautiful Chinese actresses with a hypnotic look.

When this stunning Asian girl is in love she gives everything to a man because that's the way she believes it should be. Imagine how happy is her man...

#34Jimene Navarrete

Jimena is magnificent Mexican beauty that was crowned Miss Universe 2010.

She was very active in helping to raise the awareness for Children International; a U.S.-based humanitarian organization helping thousands underprivileged children from Guadalajara (her home town).

#33 Dasha Astafieva

Dasha is a dazzling Ukrainian model/singer that is very passionate about fashion.

Quote: The best looking woman is the one that is naturally beautiful and takes good care of her spirituality as well as her body.

#32 Alena Shishkova

Alena is a superb Russian beauty with beautiful blue eyes.

Her natural hair color is blonde but she dyes it to be even blonder. 

She lives and works in Milan, Italy.

#31 Yasmin Warsame

Yasmin is very active in helping the non-government organizations that focus on the improvement of healthcare and education in Somalia.

She was born in a family of 21 siblings. Her father died when she was 5 years old. After her father's death she moved all over the world until finally settling in Canada. 

Despite her challenging and very difficult childhood Yasmin managed to become a successful, happy and a well rounded young woman.

#30 Mable Soe

Mable is an alluring beauty from Myanmar with an incredible smile. 

She lives and works in Singapore as a model.

Even though Mable is a young woman she has lots of modeling experience because the started her career at the tender age of 14.

#29 Antonia Marabou

Antonia is a Romanian model/singer with an angelic face and very energetic character.

She and her family moved to the United States when she was 5 years old.

Antonia started her modeling career at the age of 10 but after finishing high school she decided to move back to Romania and pursue the singing career.

#28 Teresa Moore 

Teresa is a daughter to an Italian mother and American father with Native American ancestry. This makes her very unique and it is no wonder why she is so beautiful (mixed race women are know to be among the most beautiful women in the world).

#27 Angela Ruiz

Angela is one of the most beautiful Venezuelan models.

She won the Elite Model Look Latino Venezuela 2008 Contest. 

In 2009 she won the Super Model of Venezuela contest.

In 2010 Angela was the first runner-up at the Miss Venezuela 2010 beauty contest.

#26 Berrak Tuzunatac

Berrak is a captivating Turkish model/actress with beautiful eyes.

She made her acting debut in Beyza'nın Kadınları.

Berrak is a perfect representative of the exotic Turkish beauty.

#25 Johanna Lundback

Johanna is a Swedish lingerie/bikini model with a beautiful face and flawless body.

She looks very innocent yet seductive at the same time which makes her very desirable.

#24 Carmen Soo

Carmen is a model, actress and a television presenter from Malaysia.

She is very popular in South-East Asia (especially in the Philippines).

Carmen is fluent in four languages and she is a well rounded young lady.

#23 Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline is a Sri Lankan model/actress that speaks three languages and has a Bachelor's degree in Mass Media studies from the Murray University in Melbourne, Australia.

In 2006 she was crowned Miss Sri Lanka.

She made her acting debut in the 2009 Bollywood fantasy movie Aladin.

#22 Monica Bellucci

Everything about Monica is sensual and seductive.

This stunning Italian actress is a true ageless beauty that can seduce any man with one look. 

She is fluent in four languages and is considered to be one of the greatest European actresses.

#21 Adriana Lima

Adriana is one of the most successful models in the world. She is Brazilian and her beauty is stunning.

Since 2005 she has ranked in the top five of Forbes' lists of the 20 highest-earning models in the world.

She is best known for being the Victoria Secrets Angel (2000- ).

#20 Xenia Tchoumitcheva

Xenia is a beautiful, smart, well educated and very charming young lady from Switzerland. 

She speaks five languages (Russian, German, Italian, French and English); has a Bachelor's degree in Economics and she has been elected as the best bikini body in 2009.

#19 Hana Nitsche

Hana is a very successful  model in Germany (she is Czech but she lives and works in Germany).

 In 2006 she won the title of the "Model of the World Platinum 2006".

Hana is a very sensual beauty with exotic features.

#18 Amira Al Taweel

Her Highness is a Saudi princess and a very glamorous beauty.

She is a great social activist and human right defender.

Princess Amira is the head of the Executive Committee of the Alwaleed bin Talal Foundation.

She travels the world and helps orphans, sick children, and abused women.

#17 Meisa Kuroki

Meisa is a Japanese actress, model and singer best known for her acting career (she played in over 15 films and many television dramas).

This lovely Asian beauty has a great passion for fashion and perfect skin, which is why she was named the international face of famous cosmetic brand - L'Oreal.

#16 Nicole Faria

Nicole started her modeling career at the tender age of 15.

In 2010 she was crowned Miss Earth (Nicole is the first women from India to win Miss Earth title).

She described India as the place of many mysteries and very kind and welcoming people. 

#15 Sofia El Marikh

Sofia is one of the most beautiful Arab celebrities in the world.

She is a model, actress and singer and she is in the modeling business for a very long time (she started as the diaper model at the age of 4). 

At age of 15 she made her film debut in the French movie Soleil starring Sophia Lauren.

#14 Claudia Lynx

Claudia is a strikingly beautiful Iranian woman with a very interesting life story.

She was a child star in Canada and as a teenager she managed to become the writer, director and a lead actress of the popular kids show.

At the age of 16 Claudia became a professional actress and since then she starred in a number of Hollywood films.

Her nickname is The Goddess of Persia.

#13 Victoria Lopyreva

Victoria is a stunning Russian model/television host with beautiful green eyes and a golden heart.

She is the president of the Wiping Bounds (a charity organization that helps children who lost one or both parents in the armed conflicts around the world).

#12 Clara Alonso

Clara is a beautiful Spanish model with a very charming personality.

She doesn't like social networks or rude people but she loves writing, drawing and singing. 

Clara is a very happy social butterfly that enjoys life to its fullest. 

#11 Tanya Manganyi

Tanya is a successful South African model that lives very private life and enjoys the regular family life.

She believes that the most attractive thing about any woman should be her character. 

Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in The World 2013

#10 Ngo Thanh Van

Veronica Ngo Than Van aka NTV virus is a beautiful Vietnamese model/actress/singer.

She is successful in everything she does and her beauty is as intense as it is pure. 

#9 Sara Sampaio

Sara is a Portuguese model that is very good in math. 

She loves music and plays a violin.

In 2011 this beautiful Portuguese young lady was awarded the Fashion award for best female model in Portugal.

Sara is a very elegant and charming girl with beautiful eyes.

#8 Rim Saidi

Rim is a Tunisian model with an irresistible look.

Her photos radiate sensuality and are truly captivating...

#7 Ada Aimee De La Cruz

Ada was crowned Miss Dominican Republic two times (in 2007 and 2009).

She has a Bachelor's degree in Economics and is a well rounded person despite the fact that she is coming from very humble roots.

Ada is currently a deputy mayor of Santo Domingo Norte. In other words, she is the most beautiful politician in the world!

#6 Megan Fox

Megan is an extremely beautiful American actress with a vibrant personality. She always speaks what's on her mind and that got her in trouble more than once.

Since Megan is 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m) tall - she is one of the most beautiful petite women in the world. 

#5 Jin Mei Xin

Jin Mei is a stunning Chinese model/actress with a wild side.

She looks very innocent yet she is the ultimate "femme fatal", which is not a bad thing at all :)

Aside from being one of the most desirable Chinese women Jin Mei is also a talented actress. 

#4 Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka is the Indian beauty queen that is not afraid to express her femininity and sensuality.

She is a gorgeous model, talented Bollywood actress and a very charming television host.

Prianka was crowned Miss World 2000 and is the epitome of the stunning and exotic Indian beauty.

#3 Madalina Ghenea

Madalina is a breathtaking beauty from Romania and one of the most beautiful tall women in the world (she is 5 ft 11 in; 1.80 m).

Her beauty is very intense and her sensuality is overwhelming. 

#2 Irina Shayk

Irina is the world famous model from Russia that loves to play piano.

She comes from a very small Russian village but that didn't stop her to conquer the world with her beauty.

The Most Beautiful Woman In The World 2013

#1 Idda Van Munster                 (Aida Dapo)

Idda is a mesmerizing young lady from Bosnia with a great charisma and very unique lifestyle.

This well educated, very talented, witty and original beauty is simply a remarkable individual.

Read an exclusive interview with Idda Van Munster

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Comments (233):


Wow! So much beauty in one place!!! I'm a great fan of your site and this is definitively the best list of most beautiful women I've ever seen. By the way, this Bosnian beauty is stunning and I'd really like to marry her :) Keep up the good work and God bless!


I'm in love!!! I've never heard of Bosnia and had no clue where it was, but now I know it is a small country in Europe with most beautiful women in the world. I'm leaving for France in two weeks and guess what?! Bosnia here I come! One question though: is it safe for Americans to visit Bosnia?


Jack, Yes it is very safe for not just Americans but anyone to visit Bosnia. The war has been over for years, and there is absolutely no danger. We really do have some of the most beautiful women in the world in the Balkans (Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro), you wont regret your decision to visit. Have fun! #46 and #42 are beyond beautiful


Jack you don't deserve to go to Bosnia since you never heard of it before; neither does the other guy below you. I wouldn't allow you in at all, instead I would put you on a mandatory geography course so you learn a bit more about the world you live in.


I find this list very interesting. It's definitively different than any other "Most Beautiful Women" list I've ever seen. Personally my favorite is Megan Fox but there is no question this Bosnian babe is gorgeous too.


I can't believe it! But it's true - we can write comments on BWP's page! Thank you girls for this rare opportunity. The list is missing some of the most beautiful girls from my campus but I will send you their photos so you can make it right next time :)))) The girl from Bosnia is really beautiful and I found her interview very interesting. She is one of those beauties with brains and that's so appealing!


What about the stunning Canadian girls? Canada is famous for being home to most beautiful mixed race women, and the well known fact is that mixed beauties are the most beautiful women in the world. 


Well, Idda may be Bosnian but she obviously loves Germany too. Otherwise she wouldn't take the German artistic name. It's too bad she didn't stay in Germany...


Common! What about the Greek Goddesses of love and passion!? I'm sending you photos of some gorgeous Greek women right away so you can do better next year :) That being said, your #1 is really the most beautiful girl I've seen lately. 


Indian women are very beautiful and the fact that there are two Indian women on your list is very flattering. However, not all Indian women look like Priyanka Chopra or Nicole Faria :(


Idda is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen! Thank you so much for sharing her amazing beauty with us!


This list is amazing! I'm so happy to discover Beautiful Women Pedia! It's such a beautiful and classy place! Idda is gorgeous!!!


Idda is a perfect woman! She is beautiful, elegant, smart and very classy. What else can man wish for? Way to go Idda!


Your site is an awesome kingdom and Idda is your Queen :)))))) Great job BWP! 


This lady from Bosnia is fascinating! Are there any more beauties like this in Bosnia? If there are I'm gonna visit this country as soon as I find it on the map. Jack give me a call if you are afraid to visit Bosnia on your own. We'll do it together. 

Seriously, how safe is Bosnia for American tourists?


Idda is gorgeous! So glad she gets appreciated.


Hh yes, Aida, u are the most beautiful women here, but we in Bosnia are all beautiful :P


Your missing the most beautiful woman in the world out, and that's miss Daniella Allfree. She's absolutely perfection!


Well one thing is certain, all of the women above are truly beautiful which can't be said for other Most Beautiful Women lists out there. Idda makes me believe that there are still beautiful and classy women in the world but Bosnia seems quite far and possibly dangerous... I've the same question as Jack and Sam, so anybody with an answer out there? Much appreciated!

Is Bosnia safe for Western tourists? 


I can't think of anyone more beautiful or more deserving than Idda van Munster - she is truly the most beautiful woman in the world!


Aida is really beautiful, she definitely deserves to be No.1 on this list! And for Jack, Sam and mark: yes, it is safe for Americans to visit Bosnia, and for all other good people, too! :)


This is the BEST Most Beautiful Women List ever!!! Great job BWP! 

Idda darling, would you marry me? I'm handsome, well educated, rich and eager to meet you. 

Seriously, Idda is a perfection! 

Just one date Idda? Maybe? Perhaps? Yes?!

One question for all ladies out there including you Idda: What a man has to do to get a woman like Idda? I would really appreciate an answer. Tank you! 


This is the very first time that Bosnian woman or any woman from the ex-Yugoslav countries is named The Most Beautiful Woman in the World. The reason for this is very simple. We (men from these countries) did our best to keep it a secret that our women are the most beautiful in the world, and we did so for the obvious reasons. 

As you can see, there are already 3 guys signing up to visit Bosnia for our women. That's not cool! Just kidding guys.... well, as long as you follow the rules. Yes, there are rules and if you brake them you will find yourself in trouble.


I love you Aida! As a Bosnian girl I have to say I'm so proud of you. You are most beautiful indeed!!!


I have to agree with Brian, this is what the most beautiful women list should look like. I am a proud American but the world is not USA and few other western countries.  This is a true cosmopolitan list of the most beautiful women!

This chick from Bosnia is rocking!!!


Idda you most definitively deserved it! You are not only beautiful but very classy and well rounded young woman. Great job girl!!!


Thank you Merima for your answer but this Enes guy is kinda scary...

What rules is he talking about? Is Bosnia like Afghanistan and Iran? Do women have the same rights as men in Bosnia and can we approach them like the women from the western countries?


Enes is just kidding, there are no rules. Already 20 years Bosnia is free, independent country with a big welcome to all. Come visit us, and you'll be delighted.


OMG, of course Bosnian women have the same rights as men in Bosnia and YES, you can approach them like the women from the western countries...Is it possible that you ask that kind of questions? Bosnia is in Europe, it is modern country!


You deserve it Idda... wonderful prize...


Totally shocked. I came home after few drinks, not so glamorous, but my eyes are happy with it. Congrats Aida! keep being charming, inspiring and smiled! U make my day always reading your news. Kisses from Poland ;)


Jack, that Bosnian guy is just trying to be macho. The only rule to dating a Bosnian woman is to treat her right. Congrats Aida, you make us all proud.


#41 and #33 are my type of girls!

However the #1 is gorgeous in every way.


Bosnian women are not just beautiful. They are also very good wives. I know I'm married to a gorgeous Bosnian lady for 10 years and she is simply amazing. She raises the kids with so much love and care, she cooks like the best chef in the world, she makes love like the Goddess of passion and puts up with all of my #$@*% without complaining. 

I'm running home to tell her how much I love her...I don't say it nearly enough.


#18 is my princess! 

Idda looks amazing and I'm prepared to be very generous just to meet her. How can we arrange that?


Who would say that Bosnian women are this beautiful and classy?! Way to go sisters!!


#32 and #13 are just perfect for me. I love blondes!


Even though I'm a big Megan Fox fan I have to say that this Bosnian girl is very beautiful. 


This is an amazing list. All women on this list are beautiful but Idda is really something special. 


Simply the best...


Idda is mesmerizing!!! Bosnia is so proud to have such a young, beautiful, successful and classy lady. 


brrrrrr :)

Queen B:

Guys, Bosnia is really safe for anyone to visit. The war's been over for 18 years now and you wont regret coming here. If you come, don't forget to visit Sarajevo and Mostar, most beautiful cities in Bosnia :). And, I assure you, you'll have a great time here.


#35 and #16 wow!!!

Idda is the Bosnian goddess. I wish I could see her in person...

Don Juan:

I've been in Bosnia more than once as well as in Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. There are some really beautiful women there and the best thing is that you don't need to be loaded for them to like you. Actually, just the fact that you are foreigner would get you lots of action. If you know what I mean :)

This Bosnian beauty is the bomb!!!


Idda is the most beautiful woman in the world I've ever seen. Thank you Beautiful Women Pedia for discovering so exotic and stunning beauties all the time. 


Aida, congratulations!!! You truly are an inspiration. Jack... Enes is trying to be funny. That's Bosnian's specific humor sense. He wanted to say that Bosnian girls should be treated with respect. Bosnia is not Iraq or Afghanistan, women here are equal to men. I don't understand all this questions about safety. My boyfriend is an American and he visits Bosnia regularly. Of course it is safe. There are so many western tourists here this year. So all of you people who want to visit... Feel free.


#50 - #1 = All very beautiful. The best list ever! Great job!

P.S. Leaving for Bosnia in 10 days :)


Superb list ladies! Superb! I'm a big fan of your website and this Bosnian young woman deserves to be #1. I regret I'm not younger some 10 years younger...


I had no idea that Bosnian women are so beautiful. Idda is beyond beautiful she is the next international super star!!!


You should all educate a bit, the war in Bosnia finished almost 20 years ago, so don't worry. If it is safe for Morgan Freeman, John Travolta, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, etc. It is safe for you too...


Tourists from all over the world are visiting Bosnia, and Balkan as well, normal as any other country. Come and visit, Mostar, Sarajevo...take a look.


Idda you are so beautiful and intelligent. I've red your interview and loved every word of it. Love you!!!


Been in Bosnia, people there are awesome. Girls are beautiful and approachable, food is delicious and Sarajevo is a very unique city. 

Good job Idda you made your people proud.


I do not really get the question: is Bosnia safe for western tourists?! Why wouldn't it be?! Everyone should know that war ended a long, long time ago. Do some research, people; don't use internet for Facebook only :D Bosnia is a great country with beautiful women as we can see :)


Thank God I was born in Bosnia. The most beautiful (small) country, beautiful girls... Come and see, come to admire, and you'll wish you were living here as well... Congratulation Aida!


Wow! I can't believe it. Bosnia & Herzegovina finally getting the credit they deserve. I have been dating a fine BIH lady for many years and proud to announce we are getting married later on in the year. The beauty of Bosnian women (in & out)is beyond comprehension, one of the world's true treasures. My wife to be is from Mostar, for those in the know, they know what I mean. Well done, Aida. Making your country & people proud. Love from Australia.


Where did you find this girl (#1)? She is stunning!!!


I love your list. It is really refreshing and amazing! Idda is gorgeous!


Aida Dapo for president!!! :)))))) 


Oh My GOD!!! Idda is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen! 


Bosnia is totally safe for everyone. War stopped long ago. It has been 18 years since. Now it is safe as any other EU country.

Congratulations Aida!


#8 and #1 is the dream come true combination for any man...

Impressive  list... Breathtaking Idda...


I, like a Bosnian girl, feel so happy because of Aida! You are the best Aida, that's true! Congrats!

Guys, I have an idea! You sholud google, Beatiful Bosnian girls and check out, some girls that we are proud of, like Amra Silajdzic , Delila Softic, Aida Mujan! 


Simply the best... :) We are beautiful women indeed! For those who didn't know how pretty we are :P u can check other bosnian beauties such as Amra Silajdzic, Sarah Cerkez, Amra Cerkezovic, Dzejla Glavovic-Ocuz (known as Jeyla) and many others ... :) P.S. Idda is stunning!


OMG of course its safe to visit Bosnia! It's actually safer to be in Bosnia then it is in USA with all those guns and stuff that is going on there.


This is the best most beautiful women in the world list I've ever seen and the #1 is fascinating!


This is the reason I love Beautiful Women Pedia, wow what a list! Idda is amazing girl and I wish her all the best! 


I don't want to brag but I voted for Idda and I new she was gong to be #1. Great job babe!


Idda you are beyond beautiful... You are....I'm speechless...


#26, #13,#6 and of course #1 are my favorite. It's really great to see so many beautiful women in one place.


Congrats to Aida, you rock! :)


My wife is from Bosnia and she is more beautiful than Aida!


Bosnian girl is the most beautiful.


Bravo Aida!! Living in the U.S.A. I've always proudly represented you as the MOST beautiful Bosnian girl, showing you off to everyone. You deserve to be #1 on this list! ;-)

Bosnian women are beautiful, check out the Facebook page called Beautiful Bosnian Women. Also, this list is amazing. How come when it's Miss World competition, they don't have 5% of beautiful women like this page does?! Way to go!


Great list. Truly great list! Idda is #1 but the other 49 are just perfect as well.


She is my fav pin up girl! Idda Van Munster and also Greta MaCabre are the best pin up models on the world and my favorite models and inspiration from eastern Europe! True beauty, individual style and no plastic!


I love this girl is she Turkish? She looks Turkish and and her name sounds like Turkish one! Love You!


Hey people. First I am sorry, my English is bad. Come to Bosnia and you wont regret it. I live in Banja Luka and that's the city with most women in Balkan. :) 7 girls on one man:))) the most beautiful women are here. Aida is just like others here. I see every day 20 woman like Aida:) Its really like that:) 


All of them are beautiful but Aida rightfully got the title! Congrats to her! She makes us proud!


Xenia Tchoumitcheva should be much higher. And yes, Bosnian women are gorgeous.


I can believe we can comment! Great list and compliments for the #1. This is a very classy site and the best source of beautiful women from around the world. By the way, i didn't vote for Idda but she is strikingly beautiful without any doubt. 


What a woman! What a woman! I love Idda and her pin-up style. She makes me happy in so many wayss :)


Personally, Megan Fox is most beautiful woman to me but this Bosnian lady is also very beautiful.


I voted for Idda!!!!!! hahahaha I told you Jack she would be the one!!! See you in Paris in two weeks.


This list is awesome!!! What happened with the "no comment" policy? See, we can be polite and good boys :)

#9 is most beautiful for me and I give her my vote once more. 

Idda is okay, well to be honest she is much more than just okay and I would be the happiest man on Earth to have her as my girlfriend but still #9 is soooo yamy!


Common! #29 should be much higher on the list. What is wrong with your voters?

When is the next time for voting?


I voted for Irina Shayk. I mean, she is flawless! Idda is perfect for second place :)


I agree, Idda is extremely beautiful and her style is perfect!


Come on guys I hope you're kidding me with the questions is Bosnia another Iran :o Dude Bosnia is a modern country with the most beautiful girls in the world believe me! Feel free and visit Bosnia, it's just a forgotten country not Iran bro :)

Mujo and Suljo:

You should see Fata! She's even more beautiful!


Great women! But I think that girl from Bosnia is not even close to be number 1...


The main difference between Aida Đapo and Megan Fox is= Aida is 100% natural no surgery no plastic...Megan had nose job.


Pikovic - Megan Fox didn't just have a nose job but many other "jobs" done on her face. I'm so proud that Aida made it to the #1 because since I've moved to US last August I kept getting comments on how people wanna visit our country and see all the stunning women we've got here! Also, many people who have spent some time in Bosnian and Herzegovina keep saying that Bosnian women are the most beautiful ever. Now I just needed an official proof :)


Guys, you must come to Bosnia and see for yourself the most beautiful girls in the world. Most beautiful girls live in Sarajevo, Mostar, Banja Luka, Tuzla, Bijeljina.. so, in every city. You must see beauty cityes and meet good people.


I love this most beautiful women in the world list. I can see beauty from all around the world. 


I have NO idea that Bosnian women were this beautiful!!! I'm in love!


I am from Bosnia and i am PROUD! <3


This babe rocks!!!


Yeah, Idda is beautiful but I'm better looking :)


#6 and #2 are a dream come true! #1 is interesting, very interesting....


Will trade all 49 for 1 Monica B. Love You! Bye!!


Common! Where is the most beautiful women of all times: Angelina Jolie! Common guys!!!


Where is Bosnia? never mind that, where is this Bosnian chick?


Wooow Bosniaan girl are the greaatest!! She is so beautiful!! Greetings from Greece! 


Of course Bosnia is safe. Its like visting any other country in Europe. People are nice and happy. There is many historiy-rich places you can go to such as The Bosnian pyramids and were the first war began. There is a lot to see in Bosnia! :D


The level of ignorance and the lack of (geographical) knowledge of some people here is just unbelievable! Bosnia is a small (and safe) touristic country placed in South-East of Europe. You are more than welcome to visit Sarajevo, Mostar, Jajce...


#1 looks stunning and i am proud that i also have Bosnian chick as my fiance.. :)) simply love the way Bosnian lovely ladies are...and Boris, throw yourself from the balcony, with head down first :)


#17, #33, and #3!!!

San Do:

Jin Mei Xin is the most beautiful in the world! 


Aida Đapo and Sonja Zekic are our most beautiful women in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are really beautiful and can compete with the best models of the world.

Aida D:

Congratulations to Aida, you made us and our country Bosnia and Herzegovina very proud! And you definitely deserve the first place!If somebody doesn´t trust me, you should also check her fb-profile.


Where did all these Bosnians come from? 


My wife is the most beautiful woman in the world!


Well done Aida. For those who wants to visit Bosnia, no danger for anyone. The war is ended 15 years ago, and I can say than the Bosnia is the safest country in world, even safer than America. So you are all welcome to explore all Bosnian beauty including girls :)


We are proud to Sarajevo for Aida.


Kate Upton???


The list is definitively unique but some of the most beautiful women are missing.


Idda is so classy and lovely. Just red her interview, what a lady...


Aida is great!!!


Dirk her name is Aida but Americans pronounce it "Idda" Germany has nothing to do with it... she is very beautiful... but all us Bosnian girls are.. I would recommend everyone go and visit it truly is a beautiful place with Beautiful women.


#3, #3 and #3! 


Great job with the list. Monicca Bellucci is the Italian pride. #1 is well deserved. 


This is a surprise... but a nice one! Idda is very unique and her beauty is so classy. 


OMG! I saw this girl in the bus, and I was telling my mum that I saw amazing and so beautiful girl, and this morning I heard on the radio that pin up girl named Aida from Sarajevo is the most beautiful in the world , and I immediately thought of her, when I googled it, guess what, it was just the one I saw in the bus! :) Indeed we have the most beautiful girls in Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro! Greetings to everyone! :*


I've been in Bosnia from 2009 to 2012 and it's such a charming little country that renders you speechless. They have all in one small space; gorgeous mountains, lakes, rivers, sea, the scenery differs beyond recognition every 100 miles drive. And it's lovable folks are actually mixture of different peoples (Illirian, Slavic, Hungarian and large saxon influence (see Saxons in Bosnia)) - and it's well known that such mixture produce some of the most beautiful faces. I've been to Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Mostar and girls are really stunning.


What's up with all this "Bosnia is a safe place talk". Guys this is about beautiful women not the safety of any country including the USA.


OMG, I really hate questions about security in Europe. Is it safe to visit Bosnia :O ?. My friends, its safer to sleep in Bosnia than walk in the middle of the day in most of the rest of the world countries.


Bosnian women are beautiful inside and out... bravo Aida ...I am so proud of you the world not only your beauty but your intelligence ...your skills...talent...etc


#6 and #4! What a man has to have to get one of these beauties?


Seriously, where did all these good Bosnian people come from? I had no idea that Bosnians are visiting this website. BTW Idda is gorgeous.


Idda is beautiful but so are the other women on the list. Greetings from Germany.

Adnad Von Njeganovichi:

Congrats Aida! It is great way to make people dig into the world map and do some geography update. For those are asking about western visitors safety, women right, etc. let me give you a genetics tip. Bosnia is the country with, as per the biggest world research centers, the nation with 55% of chromosome Y in their genes making them the most indigenous European people out of all other Europeans. (Scandinavians have only about 25% of Cm Y only). Please check some references on line. Shaped as a hart land, Bosnia is the hart of Europe.

As for the women rights, they are not the same as man, they have MORE right then guys. The guys freeze when they wives give them a dirty look over there, yet they are kindest, supporting of their man and the most caring moms. But beside their beauty, most of them are university educated, sophisticated, multilingual and they don't fall for school dropouts. Bosnia recently discovered first European Pyramids c/a. 35K years old. Please check it out and come to visit Bosnia, the host of 14th Winter Olympic games. You'll want to come back again and again.


To much makeup. #1 is gorgeous but way to much makeup...


The list is really good and no wonder that it has so many likes and positive comments. Honestly, I've never heard of Bosnia. Maybe because I'm just 16 but after reading about Bosnian girls and seeing the ones that are posted in BWP I'm definitively interested in finding out more about their country. 

Any Bosnian girl out there interested to educate me? :)))


Good day to everybody. just wanted to congratulate to Aida Djapo our beautiful Bosnian Flower on first place in the world,,That is not a small thing :) And also I would like to give couple advice's to everybody that are willing to Travel to Bosnia on Vacation or site view.

I see lot of people specially people from United States are skeptic to come and visit Bosnia, but most welcomed people in Bosnia are Americans,especially in Federation cause they helped a lot to stop all that craziness that was happening in 90 's .. I have a lot of friends and coworkers from United States that were scared and skeptic to come to visit me in Bosnia even if we are working in War zone in Afghanistan, imagine that !!! So I understand how most of you fell. Don't be afraid ,If you like nice and fresh food !!?? You will find it there !! If you like History you will learn more than you would expect . Multicultural cities were you can see Synagogue, Churches (Orthodox and Christian) and Mosques in one street. Welcome to Bosnia and wish you nice Vacations :)


Mamma mia!!! This girl is remarkable! Marry me bella!


All of these women are extremely beautiful, the ones that mostly appealed to me are Clara Alonso #12 and Antonia Marabou #29.


Idda is gorgeous. Yes she has makeup on but what woman doesn't?! The list is missing some most beautiful women from USA but it is very interesting nonetheless. 


#3 is amazing, #1 is amazing x 2!


Since when comments are allowed?! I though that after our misbehaving during the voting there would be no more commenting :))) Even though we promised to be good you girls didn't let us comment anymore. Bad girls :)))

The list is awesome and my favorite girl won! 


It is really hard to describe Idda in one word... she is beautiful, interesting, original, charming (I've red her interview), educated... Amazing girl.


Beautiful women and a beautiful website. It's so nice to see that such a classy place exists online. 


Thank you god finally our people are starting to get realized world wide and getting the respect we deserve... Congrats to you AIDA on all of your hard work...


#43, #33!!! Congratulations to Idda, she is really beautiful!


For all the people who are asking is it safe to come to Bosnia !? WTH guys ?? The war ended 18 years ago . Of course it is safe. It is a peacefull , democratic country . Believe me , you will be safe , and you will enjoy your time here ! Welcome ,and be sure to visit this places : Old Bridge in Mostar , Strbacki Buk on river Una , Old Town Sarajevo, rafting on Neretva , Pyramids in Visoko..there are many more beautiful places , google it if you don't believe me ! Welcome to Bosnia&Herzegovina


Slovenians also have beautiful women but Idda is really something special. 


Tadej I just applied so there will be one more gorgeous Slovenian girl on the website :)


I love this list!!! So unique ad beautiful. Idda is a very beautiful girl but so are the #2 and #3.


Mexican women are the most beautiful! Go #34 Jimene Navrrete!


The very fact that there are 2 Russian women on the list and one of them is #2 tells you how beautiful Russian women are. 

#1 is beautiful but is she really the most beautiful?


I wouldn't mind being with any of these women...and I really don't care which one is most beautiful to other people. There are so many different options regarding female beauty it is almost pointless to discuss it.


My girlfriend is the most beautiful girl in the world and I can prove it. Can I send you her photos?


Idda is a very unique beauty yet she looks like Megan Fox... very intriguing...


I love pin-up models! They are so (the word that starts with a S and ends with Y) and H-O-T :) 


I should be on this list. Will apply soon, very soon...


And you girls thought we wouldn't behave ;0) See how polite and gentle we are? Everything to make you comfortable my dear ladies of BWP.

As I said before your list is the best in the world and I'm your big fan.

#1 looks like one of the stars of the golden age of Hollywood and that's why she is the #1.

Miss Lilly:

Belive me guys, Bosnia is safe for all tourists, probably more than America and some other countries. People in Bosnia are peaceful and very helpful, oh and very beautiful :P


#43, #26, and #1 are perfect for me. Great list BTW.


OMG! Bosnian girls are so beautiful. I was in Bosnia last week and I'm impressed with that little beautiful country. I <3 BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA


I've dated a Bosnian babe and she was sooo fine! Not as beautiful as Idda but she was perfect in so many ways. Too bad there are no Bosnian girls in my tow.


For everyone who asked: Bosnia is perfectly SAFE for all people around the world. There are many tourists who are amazed with this country! :) Once upon a time, I was in Bosnia and i'd really like to come back , again. Besides pretty girls, there are many beauties to see: Food, places, shopping malls, nature. :) So, trust me , you won't regret if you come. :) Congrats Aida, you deserved it! ;)


So many beautiful women! I've just applied :)


Bosnia is very safe to visit. It is a small, very beautiful country with long tradition and beautiful people. Everyone should visit Bosnia, since it is very different from all other countries. People are kind too. And our food is outstanding ;) There was a war, but now we are quite a metropolis. Use Google for pictures and information.


I'm in love with Idda. She is so unique and beautiful... great list.


#19 is my girl! 


I am so proud that the most beautiful women in the world 2013 is my Bosnian girl. The other girls are stunningly beautiful but she was the chosen one for a reason. I love her unique fashion style. Congratulations Aida I wish you the best in your life. Amira /Vancouver/ Canada


Gorgeous women, interesting list and many delighted people that can enjoy both. 


Even though I'm a girl I really enjoyed this list. 


Where can we find so beautiful women in the real world? 

Idda is gorgeous but is she real?! :)


Very nice list. These women are gorgeous including Idda, she is a true vintage lady with lots of sensuality.


I would like to see some Idda's  girlfriends. If they are half beautiful as she is that would be more than enough for me :)

I love Idda

This babe is so fine! & I want he to be mine!


Idda is very unique and beautiful. How can we get in touch with her?


Awesome! I would marry every single one from this list. Idda is gorgeous!


The #1 is beautiful but so are all other women from the list. 


The best most beautiful women in the world list ever!


Oh my god , the Tunisian girl Rim Saidi #8 is soooo beautiful !!

Khelil Souad:

Glad to see a Tunisian girl in the 8th rank.


#8 Rim Saidi <3 <3 <3


Very beautiful girls but the number one most beautiful :)


Rim Saidi is stunning. Arab women are the most beautiful in the world. 




I love you Idda<3 I follow your work for 2 years. Love Croatian and Bosnian girls


All the Ex-Yugoslavia girls are just perfecr expecially Bosnian and Croatian.


I'm from Bosnia... Come, visit, we're excellent hosts! and it's not dangerous for tourists any more than in Germany or Austria.. or any other country, seriously. :) Way to go, Aida, you're a true mermaid, mesmerizing indeed.


So that is how perfection looks like. 

Ali KK:

Priyanka is the most beautiful. 


No. 21 and 8, damn!!!!! Le fisha tek. #Greetings from South Africa#


Idda van munster is a very lovely girl.


And where is Emma Watson? -.-''


TERESA MOORE is the most beautiful woman in the world!


To all other women:don't miss your self-confidence!


All the women are not beautiful because it is all make-up. The beautiful women are from Africa because they are beautiful and of cause very natural. They don't need make-up to be beautiful.They are very very beautiful.


Wow I always like to make friends with Bosnia laddies because they are very very beautiful.


They are all worth looking at.


Gorgeous list! I wish ! was as pretty as #1,#2,and #21 - very pretty!


Priyanka is the most beautiful in the world!


Russian women are nice too. I like it.


Very beautiful and charming women!


Excellent choices!


Great collection of beautiful women from around the world.


#1 is so beautiful. So is #32 and #35.


I like #1 and #3. They are so beautiful.




Aishwarya rai should be on da list,she is the most beautiful woman in the world.


Its a fantastic list !! Could not take my eyes off these gorgeous angels on earth !! But one thing I wanna say that Indian girls these days are not that shy like what has been written about them. These days they are opening up and becoming more extrovert than their ancestors regarding their clothes, relationships and sexuality and families have started to accept that as well !! :)


Nepali woman #42 is the most beautiful:)

The Boss:

Never have I seen such marry-able magnificence as these genetic masterpieces!


The Bosnian girl is the most beautiful! (I love you more)


This is the best list I have ever seen.

Luis Medina:

God Bless You.


Very Beautiful women, but I like more other girls as Jennifer Lawrence, Olivia Wilde, and others.


I like Sofia El Marikh.


I really don't believe that Megan Fox should be in the top 10. she is stunningly beautiful but not top 10 worthy.


I don't accept that they are beautiful,but the most beautiful is the one who has beautiful behavior and morality.

GP Gerber:

Bella facies!


I like all of them I wish I can meet them and have a conversation with them.


I love Idda! very classy..


You are the most perfect human being in existence Idda!

Alexander Kloble:

I couldn`t find the popular Colombian model Sara Jaramillo on the list.


No. 28 Teresa Moore is most beautiful to me.


Aida is so lovely.


That Sofia El Marikh is a looker.


Beauty starts within. Is there one for me?


Tanya is so pretty, among all I choose her. She doesn't only have the looks but her personality is three times better.


Well done, keep it up.


Feels good to see Priyanka on the 4th position :) .... all the women are worth being called the most beautiful women ... the list is quite long but still it didn't bore me at all.

JetSet of Serbia:

It appears you have not yet seen a woman from Serbia! These are the most beautiful women!


Good collection of world beauty. I like it!


I can't Imagine if there are any women like Preity Zinta

Prem Bhavsar (artist):

I am happy to see the pictures of beautiful women. I will say keep the good heart and don't forget the Lord who made you beautiful, and never keep ego in nature. Keep your self beautiful with human philosophy. Regards and God Bless you all!


Monica Bellucci only fits in the first place.


Kate Winslet is my favorite actress and she is more beautiful.


They are all beautiful,but the most beautiful woman is Clara Alonso.


Very informative and beautiful.

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.